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Why your hiring approach must reflect your company culture

Written by Guest Author | August 23, 2016 | 0 Comments
Hiring approachYour company culture is an essential part of your business operation. Many companies proudly emphasise their values and ethos through their business branding, website and customer service, only to fail to extend the same approach to their recruitment.
When making the decision to apply for a job, candidates understandably want to know exactly what awaits them in the role. A classic way to boost employee attrition at your firm is to recruit people whose personality and values are a poor match to your company.
Here at Webrecruit, we’ve outlined some reasons why – and how – your recruitment campaigns should reflect your company culture if you are to find the right candidates for your vacant roles.

It demonstrates your culture

In an ever-competitive job market for both candidates and organisations, giving candidates an insight into your firm is essential.
You will naturally wish to find a candidate who will fit in well with your existing business, and keeping them as informed as possible about how your organisation works will help you to achieve this. To attract the very best candidates, you need to give them strong reasons to apply for and accept your offer of a job, with the best culture potentially being one of these reasons.

Make recruitment part of your organisation

Outsourcing your recruitment can be damaging to your organisation – engaging with the recruitment process at the highest level of your organisation is crucial if it is to be effective. By making hiring a fundamental part of your company culture, whether you are recruiting for a one-off vacancy or expanding rapidly, you may find that you acquire talent more efficiently.
Digital and forward-thinking companies should invest in the right recruitment software to hire candidates, not only to demonstrate that they are passionate about technology, but also to instil their company culture from the very beginning of the recruitment process.

Creativity attracts creative people

Getting creative with your recruitment isn’t always a simple task, but the results can pay off. Creative organisations should come up with creative recruitment campaigns to show off their distinctive values and ethos.
Even non-creative organisations can benefit from the use of more inventive and unusual recruitment techniques. Asking candidates to apply using a video or by answering creative questions, for instance, can increase engagement while showing whether they share your organisation’s values.
When you decide to recruit a new member of staff to your team, going above and beyond traditional techniques can help you to find candidates who will slot in, embrace your company culture and thrive.

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