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3 Signs that you are ready for an ATS

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 13, 2015 | 0 Comments
Computer-and-graphs-desk-set-upIf your recruitment workload has increased it is likely you’ve considered the benefits an applicant tracking system (ATS) could deliver you. ATS’s are intelligent pieces of software that allow you to manage your recruitment at all stages.
In fact, the list of functionality is so enticing that it is not surprising that they are rapidly growing in popularity. You can expect to benefit from branded communications, easy filtering functionality, return on investment (ROI) reporting and much more.
You may want it, but how do you know that you are really ready for it?
ATS’s are now more accessible than ever before; with a vast range of solutions available they are no longer out of reach for smaller and medium sized businesses.
So, when should you invest? As a rule of thumb Webrecruit recommends that if you struggle with the following 3 pressures then take them as a sign that you are ready for an ATS.

1. Your inbox is overflowing

Do you remember the last time your email inbox was empty? If you are finding yourself forever scrolling through a mountain of unread mail, it might be time to consider an ATS.
Applications to your roles feed directly into your ATS and you are given the ability to filter them, and bulk assign actions to them.
You will also benefit from being able to send triggered emails to your applicants, saving you having to manually reply.

2. You need to know what is working

To improve your recruitment success you need to know what is working for you, (and equally what isn’t).
The easiest way to reduce your recruitment spend is to cut back on the resources that aren’t working and focus on those that are.
ATS’s give you access to a wide range of reports such as source of application and application by date for example.
These reports give you the solid evidence you need to make informed decisions on how to modify and enhance your recruitment efforts. They will also allow you to be accountable for your spending decisions.
For an overview of the key reporting you can expect to receive from an ATS read our recent blog on this topic: 4 Recruitment Reports Every SME Needs to Know

3. You’re managing everything manually

Whilst spreadsheets provide teams with a place to track data manually, they are unable to allow you to interpret findings.
Many HR professionals are embracing ATS’s over paper-based methods. 88% of spreadsheets contain errors (according to Market Watch), it is therefore not surprising that so many people turn to more reliable methods.
There are numerous benefits for centralising your recruitment and moving away from paper methods. For example with an ATS searching through multiple spreadsheets is a thing of the past.
ATS’s have a number of features, all of which will help you to become more efficient and productive.
Many businesses believe they do not have the budget in place to invest in an ATS. This mindset can now be reconsidered due to the development in the marketplace placing ATS’s in reach for smaller businesses.
Get a full overview of ATS’s in Webrecruit’s recent guide The Pocket Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

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