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3 solutions to your small business recruitment challenges

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 21, 2013 | 2 Comments
Stresses manIt was recently announced that more than a quarter of small companies planning to increase headcount by more than 5% in the remainder of 2013, it would seem the tables are finally turning for the small business owner.
The last few years have proven a struggle as a number of small businesses have been forced to shut up shop and join the army of unemployed across the UK. So it’s positive news to hear that so many small businesses have their sights set on company growth for rest of the year.
But challenges still lie ahead.
As someone who works in a small business, you’ll understand the difficulties of recruiting someone for your team. With fewer hands to manage the hiring process and limited resources, small business recruitment quickly becomes a costly and time consuming task.
Yet the advent of online recruitment has now made it possible for small businesses to compete with the large corporations and big brands for the best available talent. Not only that, but it can all be achieved whilst keeping costs to an absolute minimum.
Here are some solutions to your small business recruitment challenges to help get your hiring down to a tee using the web.

1. Recruitment is too expensive

First and foremost, there’s a common misconception that recruitment is too expensive for small businesses. This is not the case.
Obviously your small business recruitment is going to require expenditure, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. By using a fixed fee or flat fee recruiter, you’ll be paying one upfront, low cost fee with no hidden costs, but the benefits are endless.

2. No one even knows about us

This may have been true back in the day, but the internet, and ultimately social media, has paved the way for anyone and anything to be known throughout the world.
Research your ideal hire, find out what platforms they use, and make sure you’re on them. Make yourself visible online and ask your employees to write a blog sprinkled with keywords relevant to your industry. Provide the type of thought-provoking content your perfect recruit seeks to help make you visible to prospective employees.

3. It takes too long

In some instances, small business recruitment can become very drawn out, but there are plenty of tools out there to help reduce your time-to-hire (and they don’t have to be expensive either).
For example, online automated video interviews and online skills tests are the perfect way to dwindle down your shortlist of potential employees without having to invest too much time.
As the perfect supplement to an initial face-to-face interview, you can gauge candidates’ interests and skills before inviting them to your office.
Whilst there might be a number of hurdles the small business owner must overcome to find their perfect hire, it doesn’t mean that you can’t successfully recruit.
It may initially take a bit more effort and time, but it is definitely worth it. Employees are at the heart of any successful business. And if you want your company to fulfil its potential, then it needs the right people.
For more assistance with your small business recruitment, you might find our latest guide of use: Online Recruitment for SMEs. To access your copy, simply click on the button below.

2 thoughts on “3 solutions to your small business recruitment challenges

  1. FirstCallCS on Reply

    There’s this consensus amongst many business owners that recruiters are “too expensive”. Businesses can actually end up losing revenue through spending their own time finding the right candidate. Often agencies are able to find the right person with the job in a small time window mainly because of their EXPERIENCE.

  2. sample resumes on Reply

    Using Facebook and other social media avenues has eased the recruiting process for the savy small business. A look at someone’s Facebook page will reveal an in depth profile of any candidate, thee’s also the added advantage that you see the candidates i9n their real environment.

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