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3 ways to beat the big boys to the top talent

Written by Guest Author | January 5, 2016 | 0 Comments
Staff recruitmentIt isn’t impossible to give huge, established industry players a bloody nose – just look at the success of ‘disruptors’ like Airbnb and Uber. It’s a similar story with staff recruitment – the best people are within reach if you do the right things, even if you are a mere ambitious startup.
Believe it or not, small companies even have several advantages over the big players. Here are three of the most effective things that you can do to steal a march over them.

1. Mark out your firm as different

You should be well-practiced at this already. How did your business plan distinguish your products or services from those of your competitors? Does your company have a certain offbeat sense of humour? Maybe it emphasises service for the local community or espouses an especially high level of environmental friendliness?
Whatever – many of these things that attract the right customers can also be made to attract the right prospective employees.

2. Point out how smaller is better

Being small isn’t a weakness to be compensated for – it’s a strength to be marketed. A small team enables an incoming employee to not merely be heard, but make a big difference straight away. They can make themselves indispensable at the same time as directly and regularly communicating with company executives.
Let your candidates know that at your firm, they will be able to really contribute, stand out and build their reputation as part of a small, but perfectly formed workforce.

3. Act fast when you spot great candidates

Larger companies can often have quite long recruitment processes or simply lack the agility to identify top talent in unusual places and get them on board straight away. Guess what firm does have that advantage? Yes, yours.
Remember that applicants like to be receive quick responses, but that you still need to ensure you choose the right candidate. A bad hire costs a company hugely, both in the short and long term in terms of recruiting and training costs and lost productivity and opportunities, so don’t use your small-company agility as an excuse to get reckless with who you take on.
Firms like WhatsApp and Netflix would have never succeeded in their early days without huge dollops of innovation. You will definitely need it to land the best talent in your next recruitment campaign!

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