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4 Reasons to Build your own Talent Pool

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 9, 2014 | 0 Comments
Talent Pool Sometimes, matching the right candidates who are interested in joining your company with opportunities that are actually available is a really difficult thing to do.
In an ideal world, you would advertise your role and the dream candidate would spot it and apply for it. But in reality, the dream candidate may be seeking a job with you while you have no vacancies, or you may advertise when that perfect candidate isn’t available.
What’s the answer? A talent pool – a source of candidates that you can dip into when you need to. Let’s look at the benefits of a talent pool…

1. It’ll cost you less

Imagine, when you next have a vacancy, having a talent pool ready and waiting for you to look to straight away. You’ll save all of that money that you would have otherwise spent on recruitment agencies or advertising.

2. It’ll save you time 

Why waste time sourcing a candidate when a vacancy next comes up at your company? With the right talent pool, you’ll have some great candidates already ready and waiting to be contacted.

3. The candidates really will be interested

You don’t want people applying for your job just on a whim. You want to employ someone who has already shown an interest in working for your firm.
These people will be the ones who believe in what your company is about. They’ll be the ones who know a lot about you already, and they’ll be readier to step into the breach than other candidates.

4. You can be more self-sufficient

There’s nothing wrong with recruitment agencies – we can certainly vouch for that! However, it’s great to know that your company can recruit someone entirely by itself every now and then.
Of course, even a talent pool may not have that dream candidate, in which case, you then can turn to a company like Webrecruit. But at least then, you’ll know that you’ve definitely exhausted your own resources first.
Remember that it’s a gradual process to build a talent pool, and that it won’t give you instant, easy results. Nonetheless, it can be a very powerful part of your recruitment armoury. Download our guide to building a talent pool to get started.

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