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4 routes to better job descriptions

Written by Guest Author | October 29, 2014 | 0 Comments
4 waysJob descriptions are obviously a massive part of your recruitment advertising – but are they doing the job for you? Do you get lots of traffic and enquiries about your vacancy, or do candidates seem to pass over you?
You’d be amazed by how much more joy you could get out of Internet job boards, simply by updating and optimising your job descriptions. Here are the ways you can do exactly that.

1. Cut down on generic phrases…

So you want a candidate with “good communication skills”? Doesn’t everyone? You need to be a bit more specific than that with the attributes that you seek in a candidate.
Come up with a list of the five most important responsibilities for your vacancy, and make sure these are each mentioned in your description at least once.

2. …but use familiar job titles 

If there’s one area where you’re advised to be more generic, though, it’s your description’s job title.
Don’t advertise for a ‘Brand Communicator’, but instead a ‘Marketing Director’. After all, the latter is the kind of title that those interested in your position are actually likely to be searching for on a job board.

3. Target the right personality

Writing an effective job description isn’t just about listing the essential technical requirements. Sure, they play a role, but you should also tailor your posting to the personality type that you would like to attract.
There may be certain non-critical requirements, for instance, that you could remove from your job posting to avoid deterring otherwise excellent candidates, freeing up space to list more open-ended qualifications and responsibilities.

4. Don’t be too detailed

It may seem logical to include everything that your candidate will be doing in your job description, but a huge, sprawling list of responsibilities could easily scare them off.
You may therefore want to include the phrase ‘Other responsibilities as assigned’ to ensure a brief, readable and approachable job description.
With millions of people viewing the most popular job boards, you need to extract the maximum benefit from your recruitment advertising. A powerful job description will draw in so many more prospective applicants and ensure that you don’t put off those best-suited to the role.

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