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4 Tips to Help You Attract Graduates to Your Business

Written by Holly Watson | July 13, 2016 | 1 Comment
Graduate RecruitmentExams are over, results are in and thousands of university graduates across the UK will be entering the workforce.
The graduate recruitment market is competitive; however this isn’t just the case for jobseekers. Companies now have to compete fiercely with each other to attract graduates, particularly those who operate in industries requiring niche skill-sets.
As such, if your business is on a graduate recruitment drive, it’s important to position yourself appropriately to avoid losing out on top graduate talent.
But what’s the best way to do this? Here are Webrecruit’s four top ways of attracting the graduates you need:


1. Talk about future opportunities in your job advertRecruitment Advertising

When you’ve got your entire career ahead of you, nothing is more disheartening than realising that you’re in a job where there’s no chance of progression.
As such, it’s important to highlight any training, development and advancement prospects within your business.
Will graduates be provided with in-depth training to make them a master of their field? Will they have the chance to gain insight into other areas of your company? Or maybe they’ll take part in a development program which will see them progress to a management-level position.
Whatever future opportunities your business could hold for them, make sure you reference them in your job advert, as well as right the way through the recruitment process.


Graduate Recruitment2. Visit universities to establish yourself as an employer of choice

Do you find your business struggling to attract graduates? If you feel that all the talent is getting snapped up by your competitors, it’s worth approaching university students at an earlier date.
Try visiting local universities and colleges to talk about the opportunities that you provide for graduates. This will put you at the front of students’ minds as a reputable local employer for when they graduate and are job hunting themselves.




Recruitment Advertising3. Clearly convey your company’s culture and environment

When job hunting, the environment in which candidates will be working can be just as important as the role itself. Therefore, it’s important to talk about your offices, your culture and your values as early on in the recruitment process as possible.
Try and describe these things within your job advert; are your offices busy and fast-paced? Or are they relaxed and sociable? Do you have pizza Fridays and ping pong tables? Or maybe you have standing desks, healthy snacks and lots of fabulous plants.
It’s a great idea to include this kind of information in your job advert as it allows graduates to visualise the kind of environment that they’ll be working in.


Recruitment Advertising4. Make sure your roles are advertised in the right place

Don’t just limit yourself to graduate job boards – your company’s social media accounts can be an excellent way of sharing your latest vacancies with a wider audience. Experiment with university-related hashtags on Twitter and consider sharing your roles within official university Facebook groups.


Struggling to attract graduates with your existing recruitment advertising strategy? Find out more about Webrecruit’s online recruitment advertising services.

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    Great post Holly, this is a really good resource for companies who don’t recruit graduates or are thinking about it!

    At Cohesion, we’re also trying to spread the word about Graduate Recruitment and Early Talent so we’re hosting a webinar about it soon which you can sign up to here:

    It would be awesome if you could join us!

    Keep up the great work!

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