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4 ways to engage your Millennial employees

Written by Guest Author | January 19, 2015 | 0 Comments
team ideasThere’s a new breed of worker sweeping the UK’s recruitment agencies, who within the years to come, will be the dominant force in your organisation. We’re talking, of course, about Millennials, those workers born between 1980 and 2002 who have a distinctly different approach to the workplace to their elders.
If you ignore this different approach and instead keep trying to treat your younger workers like you did the Generation Xers and Baby Boomers, you’ll get left behind.
Millennials have grown up in a different, altogether more digital world, and require a certain working style if they are to be truly happy and productive and work well with your older employees. Here are the ways you can ensure exactly that.

1. Be technology-oriented

Millennials are famously glued to their smartphones and tablets, constantly interacting with various mobile devices, apps and mobile networks. They therefore look for employers who embrace technology with as much gusto as they do.
A large proportion of Millennials, for instance, wouldn’t even work for a company that would bar them from utilising social media.

2. Offer flexible work

With almost nine in 10 Millennials preferring to work at times of their choosing rather than the rigid traditional ‘9 to 5’, you need to give them the flexibility that they want and require.
Such a deviation from the time-honoured norm doesn’t work for every single sector or position, but for many others, it’s possible to offer perks like flexi time or more holiday periods on the basis that the work gets done.

3. Give regular, informal feedback

Another thing that Millennials love is a sense of closeness to their employer and business. They’re more motivated when they know what direction your company is heading in.
This also means that they have little patience for the traditional formal and delayed reviews, instead seeking regular on-the-spot feedback from their managers. A lack of closeness to their company and its bosses will leave the typical Millennial disconnected and distracted.

4. Help to boost employability

Nor are many Millennials of the mindset of finding one job and staying in it for the rest of their lives – they would much rather build the varied and complete skillsets that come from working in a range of jobs.
Millennials are thirsty for new experiences, so if you want to keep one on board, be sure to contemplate regular changes – such as job rotation and training – to ward off burnout and boredom.
Don’t dismiss Millennials as merely entitled or lazy – they really do just have a different view of the workplace. The truth is that they will make a huge difference to your firm’s success in the 21st century if you make the right moves to motivate and incentivise them.

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