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5 affordable ways to keep your workers on board

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 11, 2015 | 0 Comments
money-pigWhen you invest your money on a recruitment advertising agency, the last thing that you will want is to need to recruit a short time later to fill the same vacancy. Sure, every now and then, a recruit doesn’t work out – but all too often, employers lose perfectly good workers unnecessarily.
Yes, we’re referring to those times when a great employee quits you. As the old HR adage goes, workers don’t quit companies – they quit bosses. So, what can you do to become a boss that no employee wants to quit?
“Pay higher salaries” might be the obvious answer, but it’s not necessarily the only one. If, like many small firms, you lack the resources to simply up wages every quarter, here are five affordable ways to up your employee retention instead.

1. Offer better benefits 

Sure, so more paid holiday time might be beyond your firm’s financial reach – but what about giving your workers more flexibility in how they use their benefits? Flexible hours are especially ‘in vogue’ among today’s workers who value control over when and how they work.

2. Provide more training

Training for your staff doesn’t need to be that pricey – it could be fairly casual on-the-job training, while even formal training seminars and programmes are often free or close to free. But the message that any form of training sends out – about how you value your employees, as people and not just as workers – is immensely powerful in encouraging them to stay on board.

3. Accentuate your company brand

What does your company stand for? Even more than that – what does it do better than any rival? Ensure that everything you do as a boss encapsulates your firm’s stated missions and values, and leave your employees in no doubt that they are members of a winning team.

4. Be approachable

It’s simple enough advice, but it’s powerful advice – always have your door open to your workers so that they can express their real thoughts and feelings on their role at your company. Employees who feel supported and understood by their boss also tend to stay for the long haul.

5. Show your workers how well they’re doing 

Often, employees don’t quit due to an insufficiently fat pay packet – they do so out of a feeling that they don’t matter or make a difference. Well, if you have the metrics or other information to prove that they do, show them – and congratulate them on their great work to date.
Take these deceptively cheap and simple steps, and you may be surprised by how much less you depend on the services of a recruitment advertising agency.

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