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5 great reasons to conduct video interviews

Written by Lucy Heskins | July 17, 2014 | 0 Comments
Video InterviewIt’s not so long ago that interviewing candidates as part of your customer service recruitment drive involved so much more legwork than it does now. You would have to sift through loads of paper CVs, decide who to invite to interview and ensure that they could actually make the appointment at your office at a given time.
Technology has been such a game-changer in this regard. You can now use it to screen a candidate for suitability, whether by telephone or email, long before they reach your interview room. Now, there’s one other way of doing that: the video interview.
What is a video interview?
A video interview can take various forms. It might be a ‘live’, real time interview via software like Skype, a conversation taking place between the hiring manager and candidate, much like any other interview.
Alternatively, the candidate may respond to a pre-recorded you asking the questions, their answers being recorded on web cam to be reviewed by you later.
But why should you do video interviews? The below are pretty good reasons.

1. It’s cost-effective

Think about all of the costs you incur with physical interviews, whether it’s reimbursing the travel expenses of candidates or travelling to meet them yourself. Those costs especially add up when your candidates are from another part of the country or abroad. A good video interview does away with all of these expenses.

2. It saves time

Businesses are especially time-poor these days – we all know that. But a recorded interview means being able to view the candidate’s performance at any time that is convenient. An in-person interview ends pretty quickly, with greater scope to miss important things about the candidate.

3. You’ll keep candidates interested

Many candidates may opt out of the process as soon as they realise they can’t take the time off work for an early stage interview. If you can offer them a video interview, you’ll certainly make things more convenient for them.

4. A better chance of landing the right person

CVs can feel dry and impersonal – to get to know a candidate, you really need some kind of interview, and you’ll definitely get a better idea of their actual personality through a video interview.

5. You can avoid a snap decision

With a recorded interview in particular, you can continually re-watch the candidate and how they respond, even getting a second opinion from your colleagues. It minimises the likelihood of a rash, unwise hiring decision.
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