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5 Mistakes to Avoid with your Next Job Description

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 9, 2014 | 0 Comments
job advert magnifyIf you want to attract the right candidate to your role, at the bare minimum, you need to make clear what it involves. This is where the job description comes in.
Few things are more important to successful staff recruitment. Cover all of the essentials like the job title, department, key areas of responsibility and the necessary education, training, soft skills and personality, and you won’t go far wrong.
But… job descriptions certainly can go wrong!
Recruiters make big mistakes with their job descriptions all the time. These include…

 1. Using internal terminology

Within your company, your CRM database may be known as ‘Knowledge-bank’, but is that going to mean anything to external candidates? Ensure that your job description’s stated requirements can be widely and easily understood.

2. Failing to involve all stakeholders

You can make your specification more accurate by getting various business areas involved in their production. Get HR, line management and employees to help you in defining or refining a role.

3. Being unrealistic

Yes, of course it would be great to find someone with not only skills A, B and C, but D, E and F as well, but don’t make your job description a wish list that no candidate could ever live up to. Accurately describe the realistic track record needed for the role, rather than just going overboard.

4. Using discriminatory language

You might not mean it, but you may still inadvertently slip discriminatory words or phrases into your job descriptions from time to time. Not only is avoiding such discrimination a legal requirement, but it could also make poor business sense to lack diversity in your candidates and subsequent workforce.

5. Failing to regularly review

Your organisation is evolving all the time, so make sure your job descriptions reflect your very latest requirements. Review them regularly – ideally on an annual basis – and amend if and when necessary.
There are few more powerful tools in staff recruitment than a pinprick-sharp and relevant job description. Don’t make damaging mistakes that you could so easily avoid!

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