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5 potentially brilliant Christmas employee perks

Written by Guest Author | December 9, 2015 | 0 Comments
reward employees, in house recruitment softwareThe festive period is a time when many employers reflect on the year just gone and look to reward their workers in some way – but how?
Here are five ways in which businesses using in house recruitment software like that offered by ourselves here at Webrecruit can give their employees that little bit extra, making them feel more appreciated and even helping to keep them at the company.

1. Holiday bonuses

Don’t confuse these bonuses with performance-related bonuses. These are about showing how much you appreciate every one of your workers’ efforts over the year by giving them an equal amount of money. Employees typically appreciate such bonuses in turn, even if they are only modest.

2. Holiday gifts

Curiously, despite employees typically preferring cash to a gift as far as festive perks are concerned, past research results suggest that the latter may have a greater positive effect on productivity. Wrap up your present nicely and choose a gift of special relevance to the recipient to further signal just how much you care about your hard-working staff.

3. Additional time off

In today’s age of flexible working, many employers give their staffers the chance to add holiday time unspent from any other time of year to their Christmas time off. How could your employees resist the chance to spend more time with their family and friends at the time of year when they are likely to be most thankful for it?

4. Salary raises

If you typically conduct your salary reviews towards the end of the year, this could be the perfect time to send your employees into the Christmas holiday period with smiles on their faces by rewarding them with a bit more cold, hard cash for the year ahead.

5. Office Christmas parties

They’re things of legend, or at least the subject of many a sitcom, and they also have a proven record of making employees feel good – sometimes a bit too good, given the effects that alcohol can have on workplace behaviour. But when done well, an office Christmas party can really help to increase camaraderie among workers and make them feel included in the celebrations of your company’s successes.
Festive employee perks aren’t just a means of thanking your workers for a year of hard work, or even necessarily anything to do with Christmas, but actually potentially form a crucial part of your broader employee retention strategy.

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