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5 signs that you’ve made the right hire

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 24, 2014 | 1 Comment
5-signs-icons-BSRecently, we wrote an article on how to spot when you’ve hired the wrong person. Such was its popularity that we reckoned we’d flip it round to the positive side – how to tell that you’ve made the right hire.
After all, those vital first few weeks shouldn’t just be about picking out faults. They’re also your time to identify a golden talent that you ought to keep hold of after their probation period.
If your new staff member shows most or all of the following characteristics, you’ll be able to thank your recruitment agency for a job well done!

1. They don’t merely meet, but exceed expectations

It seems obvious to say that a recruit’s a good one if they meet your expectations, but it’s true. Small businesses, in particular, often expect a huge amount from their new employees, so it has to be a good sign if they’re keeping pace with your demands already after just a few weeks.
But of course, it’s even better for a new employee to exceed your expectations, as that suggests a special level of skill, knowledge, talent and application.

2. They arrive early and leave late

Sure, some new employees may turn up early and stay late on numerous occasions just so that you keep them on, but isn’t it a good thing that they’re trying to impress you? It suggests that they are committed to the job and serious about your firm in general.

3. They make quick improvements in just a few weeks

Another great sign of an employee’s dedication and receptiveness to your advice and feedback is a clear progression in the first few weeks, whether in terms of the general standard of their work or getting to grips with a certain process or task. All of this indicates that your new worker is eager to improve.   

4. They help out other team members

People always claim they’re a ‘team player’ on their CV, but how many of those are really willing to go beyond the limits of their job description to ‘muck in’ and assist colleagues with all manner of tasks? True, such a willingness to go the extra mile may fade a little after the end of the probation period, but it’s good to see at any time.

5. They make viable suggestions for improving the business

Another thing that you definitely want from your new employee – and all of your employees – is a determination to help your business to succeed, rather than simply to collect their pay packet. The former type of recruit, someone who makes viable suggestions on how your business can be improved, is one who adds real value and needs to be kept.
There are other things that may mark out a great new employee, of course, but this list is a fine starting point for any client of a recruitment agency like Webrecruit.

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