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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract Top Talent

Written by Holly Watson | November 18, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertisingFor small businesses, recruitment can sometimes be a struggle.
It might be that you’re based in an area of the UK where there are huge global companies snapping up all the best talent. Or you might not have established an effective recruitment advertising strategy to attract the right candidates.
Whatever your main issue is, it’s important to realise that your identity as a small business can actually have its perks when it comes to recruiting staff.
Whilst some candidates are drawn to large corporate businesses, many jobseekers find it much more exciting to be involved in the evolution of an SME or start-up company.
If you’re struggling to attract top talent, take a look at Webrecruit’s five tips below to enhance your recruitment advertising campaigns:

1. Make sure that your company culture shines through

Sure, a large company might have an on-site Costa Coffee but think about what you can offer your employees. Do you offer flexible hours, home working, spontaneous company drinks or early finishes on a Friday?
And it’s not just physical features of your company; consider your people and your values. As a small business, you’re able to talk more in-depth about the team that candidates will be working in. Are they friendly, sociable, close-knit and passionate?
Personalise your job advert and take every opportunity you can to talk about your culture and values. It’s also important to make sure that this is also reinforced throughout each stage of the recruitment process to retain candidates’ interest.

2. Talk about progressionRecruitment advertising

Another huge perk of working for a small business is that the contribution of each employee will be valued and the results will be evident. Whereas, within a huge business, a candidate might feel as though they are a cog in a very large machine.
Within your job advert, talk about the projects that your new hire will have the chance to be involved in, how they will interact with the rest of your team and the impact this will have on the business as a whole.

3. Focus on building your employer brand

A strong employer brand is vital when it comes to recruiting staff, and can work wonders when trying to attract candidates, particularly local ones.
One great way of boosting your employer brand is by creating a careers page (or re-vamping your existing careers page, if you already have one). This acts as a destination for candidates expressing interest in your company.
A careers page is a place where you can list your current vacancies and feature any additional content relating to you as an employer. Consider putting testimonials from your existing employees on the page, where they talk about what it’s like to work for your business. You can also include photos of your company and other snippets of information.
If your business has a blog, it can be valuable to ask your employees to write posts. This will allow prospective candidates to hear about your team and projects first hand, highlighting the personal side of working for your company.
It’s important to invest time in developing your employer brand as a good reputation means everything, especially when recruiting locally.

4. Promote your brand locally

As well as developing your employer brand, it’s also worth focusing on your local recruitment advertising strategy.
If you’re struggling to attract candidates from further afield, put extra effort into promoting your business, brand and vacancies locally.
Take the time to visit local colleges and universities to talk about your business and what you offer as an employer. This will put your business at the forefront of students’ minds and, after graduation, they are more likely to approach your company.

Recruitment advertising5. Look for trainees – and nurture them

You might not be able to offer huge graduate schemes like some of the biggest employers in the UK, however, don’t be afraid to advertise for trainees and take the time to nurture them and build up your skills.
One of the main advantages that you have as a small business is that you’re able to take on a member of staff and familiarise them with all aspects of your company. This will provide them with the operational knowledge and know-how about your business so that they will be a truly valued member of your team.
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