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6 Things that will Make a Candidate say “Yes”

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 14, 2014 | 0 Comments
Recruitment agenciesYou’re trying to get a candidate to sign on the dotted line, but they’re hesitating. You sense that they’ve got offers from other companies, so you up the salary offer. That’s the way to do it… isn’t it?
Wrong. There are so many more things that you can include in your offer to make a candidate say “yes”, without simply offering more money.
Here are a few of them of potential interest to those using recruitment agencies like Webrecruit.

 1. Prospects

Your candidate may be leaving their current post so that they can go up in the world, so show them that your role isn’t a dead end. Spell out the opportunities for training and promotion, and tell them what people in similar roles in your company have gone on to do.

2. Stability 

Ever since the recession happened, people have been especially worried about job security.
If your company is relatively new, it may be difficult to convince the candidate that you can offer stability for years to come. Showing them some good growth figures and/or news stories about your company may just do the trick. 

3. Challenge

Even with a brilliant salary, who wants to be sat around getting bored in the office every day? Emphasise to your candidate that a higher salary from elsewhere is all well and good, but the novelty will wear off if there aren’t interesting projects like the ones you can offer.

4. Flexibility

Flexible hours are so much more of a priority for candidates these days – a rigid 9-5 can be a big turnoff. Do you offer the opportunity for the candidate to work from home sometimes, so that they can spend more time with their family and/or friends? If so, really hammer home that message.

5. Respect

Often, it’s not a job that the candidate wants to leave behind, but a manager. Will things be different at your firm? Will the candidate get the respect that they feel they deserve?
Paint a picture of your company as a place where they definitely will – where achievement is celebrated and the team members are great people to be around.

6. Ethics

You might not have considered this one, but if you have a generation Y candidate on your hands, it can be a big factor. How is your company’s social responsibility record? Does it do stuff for charity or aim for a low carbon footprint?
Again, these are things that are well worth emphasising to certain candidates. Employers using recruitment agencies that also talk up how their role is about so much more than the money may just find candidates rushing in their direction.

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