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How to avoid poor staff recruitment decisions

Written by Kimberley Startup | January 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

staff recruitment, recruit staff, online recruitment, recruitment, recruit, internet recruitment, human resources, HRGiven the many thousands of pounds that staff recruitment can cost – even for just one new employee – you should be pretty determined to avoid costly mistakes in this process. That’s one reason why you may have turned to webrecruit (, but we appreciate as well as anyone that hiring managers do make mistakes, and that many of them compound the error by not responding as they should.

It may be the case, for example, that you are overprotective of any new employee, keeping them in their roles while firing some of the better people in your organisation – with obvious long term consequences. Alternatively, you may have come to the conclusion that you have the wrong employee, when the reality is simply that their role was not made sufficiently clear at the induction stage. In this case, clear, achievable goals need to be set. This will allow you to more empirically monitor employee progress.

And of course, it’s possible that your staff recruitment campaign has brought you a few new employees who have some harsh words to say about you or the manner in which the business is run. As a senior figure or the person who started the business, you might find that you are the one with too much pride to accept the need to change your working practices. Still, if you do eventually conclude that it is the employee who needs to be replaced, you should act quickly to minimise the damage, preferably during their probation period to avoid greater legal and financial obstacles.

Indeed, once a staff recruitment mistake has been made, many companies simply do not react quickly enough to correct it – for a range of very human reasons. Much as the new starter is often eager to please their new boss, so many of those doing the recruiting like to see their chosen new employee flourish and settle into the role. However, things may be going wrong and this will probably continue unless the situation is made clear to the employee and/or any other relevant senior figures in the organisation.

These measures naturally aren’t as effective as avoiding the staff recruitment error in the first place, and there are many things that can be done to minimise the chances of regret. For example, by introducing a promising new candidate to the rest of the team, you can get a sense of how they will behave around your existing people. Also, to ensure that their external communication skills are as up to standard as they need to be for almost any job, give them a call. They should have a relaxed and confident phone manner that will also boost the confidence of your firm’s customers.

By planning ahead and preparing well, as well as making the most of webrecruit’s ( extensive services, you can minimise those staff recruitment headaches.

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