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5 ways to get the most out of your back-office staff

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

Employer advice, recruit, customer service, back-office staff, administrationBack-office personnel are the unsung heroes of the office place. But, as an employer you should realise the true potential of motivating your entire workforce.

As an employer it’s easy to focus all of your attention and encouragement on the sales team, knowing that this where the company’s capital is being converted. Targets are very clear and, when met, can easily be rewarded with extra earnings and other incentives.

With support staff, however, the lines are less defined and therefore it is more difficult to set metrics for outstanding achievement. For example, when a PA stays up all night compiling a killer presentation for the boss; is it deemed that they are ‘just doing their job’, or seen as excelling and deserving of a bonus?

It’s worth remembering that your company relies heavily upon ‘behind the scenes’ personnel, who provide vital support and administration. By setting up charters to track their progress, you will be able to see proficiency levels in all areas of the business. When someone hits a target it will be recorded and, therefore, acknowledged. This will help instil a sense of morale within your back-office staff and lead to increased productivity.

Here are a few techniques which will ensure your support team feel valued and inspired to overachieve.

Know your workforce:
The first step to unlocking the true potential of your back-office staff is to ensure that, both you and they, fully understand how their specific job role contributes to realising your company’s business objectives.

Hold regular meetings:
Regularly catching-up with your staff, on a one-to-one basis, is a powerful way of cementing a constructive and successful working relationship. Weekly team meetings are also a highly effective means of ensuring group cohesion and transparency within the office.

Set goals:
Without the constant setting of goals for each individual employee, which map directly to your company’s strategy, you may find that time is being wasted on the wrong activities. Similarly, you may discover areas of excellence and can introduce ways of enhancing output.

Give feedback:
Building a culture in which employees are engaged and performing to maximum levels, requires strong management skills and consistently providing good-quality, accurate feedback.

Credit where credit’s due:
Give your staff a reason to produce excellent results for your business. Get them fired-up to exceed at their job and willing to go above and beyond the call of the duty. Do this by having an effective and well-thought out rewards system. There has to be an incentive to strive and hit targets, so the enticement of a bonus is important.

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