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Boost your company’s reputation by being a great boss

Written by Guest Author | September 7, 2015 | 0 Comments
Knocking on handshakeYou might have read about how important it is to have the right employer ‘brand’ to lure talented candidates, or the role that a great applicant tracking system can play – but what about the behaviour of those at the helm of your company?
Being a great boss can do so much to make your firm a great candidate destination. After all, we’ve all known of terrible bosses who we were desperate to get away from, as well as fantastic bosses who helped us out as people, not just as professionals, and who we therefore wanted to repay with loyalty.
But how can you be sure of being the latter type of boss rather than the former?

Check those managerial habits

Rather than just going by instinct, consider whether you’re really acting like the boss that you would like to have.
Are you, for example, a kind boss, someone who treats their employees in a careful and reasonable way? Do you regularly consider the implications of your own behaviour? Do you also communicate and react in a consistent manner, so that your staffers always know what to expect from you?
Do you give credit where it is due for a job well done? What about putting your employees in touch with people who can make them even better professionals who they are already, involving them in company decisions and allowing them to voice their real opinions in meetings?
What about when things go wrong – do you show determination to put things right, apologising if necessary as a company or a boss? Do you support your team members, speak for their interests and help them if they are recovering from a mistake?
There are so many more things that characterise the behaviour of a great boss – from actively seeking out feedback from their staff to equipping everyone with the tools and information that they require to do their jobs well.

Don’t be ‘that’ notorious boss

It might seem a tall order to live up to the standards of a brilliant boss, but rest assured that the rewards make such ardour more than worthwhile.
Great bosses live by the finest values of their organisation and act in the knowledge that they would not be able to do what they do without their employees.
Word soon gets round about a company being a fabulous place to work, and the right management is key to that – so don’t leave it out of your efforts to make your firm more attractive to the finest talent.

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