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Business Benefits of Apprenticeships

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

Did you know that UK businesses consider skills shortages and recruitment difficulties a bigger threat than soaring oil prices and declining consumer spending?

Over 130,000 employers offer apprentice places in the UK because they understand the benefits that they bring to their business. So, how could an apprenticeship scheme help your business?


1. Apprenticeships deliver real returns to your bottom line as they help improve productivity and make your business more competitive.

2. Training apprentices can also be more cost effective than hiring skilled staff, leading to lower overall training and recruitment costs. See how your business can benefit from recruiting apprentices by using the ROI calculator (

3. Helping businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new talent, apprenticeships help secure a supply of skilled young recruits – particularly important for the replacement of an ageing workforce.

4. By offering apprenticeships, you will ensure your staff are equipped with the practical skills and qualifications they need, as well as help you prepare for future demands.

5. Apprenticeships will benefit your business by delivering skills designed around your company’s needs. They also help you develop the specialist skills you need to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and working practices.

6. Eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company: an apprentice is with you because they want to be. They have made an active choice to learn on-the-job and a commitment to a specific career

7. Demonstrating your company’s commitment to your employees, a good apprenticeship scheme could be reflected in the business’s reputation, both within the industry and in the local community.

8. Employees who have undertaken an apprenticeship have been shown to be more productive, have higher morale and produce higher quality work than similar employees.

9. Research shows that apprentices tend to stay with an organisation, and as such 80% of firms believe it reduces staff turnover. They also provide a group of employees from which future managers could be selected.

10. Its not just the private sector who can benefit from taking on apprentices, many public sector organisations could be taking advantage also.

Apprenticeships unlock talent within their local communities, ensuring that they have a workforce equipped with the skills it needs for today, and tomorrow.

How has an apprentice helped your business? Let us know by sharing your comments below.

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