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Case study: Finding multiple candidates using the internet

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

Finding multiple candidates using the reach of the internet – a webrecruit and Cubik case study


The employer

Cubik is a leading digital agency, specialising in the design and development of content managed websites. Working predominately with charities, hospices and housing associations, they have a 20-strong team based in Leeds.

Mike Scott, Head of Customer Service, sought to recruit a number of technical and customer-facing appointments. Driven by searching for an alternative way to recruit, he came across webrecruit’s unique approach to sourcing candidates at a low cost.
The challenge:

Historically, Cubik has relied on traditional agencies to fill their vacancies, but it was the current economic climate and an interest in what other channels could deliver that stimulated the search for a new way to find talent. As a small business, what they needed was a solution that was affordable, but that also delivered a range of applications to ensure the right fit for their team.

Mike was tasked with helping to recruit for a number of roles, and, after an internal recommendation, Mike looked into webrecruit’s ability to provide a breadth of candidates and reduce his cost-per-hire.

The offering:

webrecruit’s service seemed the ideal fit. Its effective use of the internet would deliver Mike with a range of candidates and, with pricing starting at £695, their low fees would prove an attractive alternative for the SME. After talking through his requirements, he purchased a multi-hire vacancy pack to benefit from even more savings.

The process:

Initially, three vacancies were placed with webrecruit: a junior developer, an IT helpdesk engineer and a customer account manager – all very different roles with very different requirements. Would sourcing this variety of candidates be an easy task?

Cubik’s products and services are unique to the company and, as such, Mike sought a mix of candidates who not only possessed the required technical skill sets, but who also demonstrated the ability to grasp their concept whilst delivering excellent customer service.

All three vacancies were sent to the copywriters to ensure they were optimised for the web and ready to sell the opportunities in question. After Mike had discussed his bespoke filtering requirements with his account manager, webrecruit then set to work in search of the best online talent, harnessing a number of online resources, including job boards, social networking and CV headhunting.

Commenting on the process, Mike said: “I intentionally left the filtering loose to see all incoming applications. Whilst this may be considered a double-edged sword, with a lot of CVs to look through, I wanted to be able to shortlist the applicants I knew could fit in well. The customer account manager and helpdesk positions attracted a lot of interest, and I was able to look through CVs I usually wouldn’t even see.”

The result:

Thanks to the breadth of candidates provided by webrecruit, Cubik was able to fill all three roles. Both the customer account manager and helpdesk vacancies received a great response allowing Mike to make an informed decision for his team. Whilst it received fewer applications, the junior developer role was still successful thanks to webrecruit’s effective filtering process and commitment to quality.

Mike said: “I’m really pleased with the results delivered by webrecruit’s team. The overall process was speedy; they did what they said they would and the support was there when and if I needed it. And by taking a step back from the process and allowing me to develop relationships with candidates sooner, I benefited from much better interaction. This is a great approach – one that’s certainly changed the way Cubik now recruit.”

If you are looking to attract quality candidates but wish to dramatically reduce your cost-per-hire, call webrecruit on 01392 829400 for a free consultation, or visit the website:

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