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Case study: Recruiting the best of the digital world

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

Recruiting the best of the digital world without spending thousands – a webrecruit case study

Digital Window is the award winning online marketing company behind Affiliate Window and – performance marketing networks that offer a range of proprietary tools to help advertisers and publishers increase their e-commerce revenues. After acquiring a new business in early 2010, and embarking on an exciting period of growth and expansion, this dynamic company needed to recruit a high number of senior-level technical candidates – but didn’t want to incur the high costs associated with traditional recruitment agencies.

The challenge:

When Digital Window embarked on their expansion plans, they knew they would have to recruit a number of senior candidates quickly to ensure business remained smooth and uninterrupted. Their existing recruitment channels, whilst effective, couldn’t match their need to source multiple specialists and keep costs down. Driven by the challenge of balancing cost and quality, Digital Window’s technical team then came across webrecruit and their service offering.
After looking further into webrecruit’s pedigree, ability to tap into the growing online talent pool and competitive pricing structure, the team chose to trial a number of developer roles with the service to see if it was too good to be true. HR Manager, Hannah Stockley, was initially sceptical about using a web-based recruitment solution.
She said: ‘I felt the response may prove to be too overwhelming to cope with, having the HR function looking through numerous CVs may prove too time-consuming – would we have the right systems in place to manage the response?’ Yet the guaranteed CV filtering services and attraction of selecting their own candidates for interview was proving tempting for the technical team who, if they were able to dramatically reduce their recruitment spend, were willing to assume a more hands-on role.

The solution:

The team at Digital Window were assigned a dedicated account manager who advised them on the best way to attract multiple candidates online. After creating bespoke filtering detailing specific technical requirements, webrecruit got to work. To attract these senior-level candidates, they ensured the vacancy benefitted from the most effective exposure – harnessing job boards and social networking sites. They also targeted candidates looking to relocate, thanks to the web’s speed and simplicity and their extensive online headhunting techniques. After a few days, the CVs started coming in, fast.
Commenting on the filtering process, Hannah said: ‘We had a really good response and, when we’d received enough CVs to start making a decision, webrecruit helped us to manage the workflow by putting a hold on applications. We also found that by taking a more hands-on role internally, recruiting managers were able to build relationships much sooner with candidates and, in turn, the applicants had more confidence and they felt really valued’.

The result:

Since working with Digital Window, webrecruit has helped them to place ten successful hires and is currently working on a number of new campaigns. Perhaps the greatest achievement, however, was Digital Window’s significant cost savings.
Hannah said: ‘On a like-for-like basis, had we used traditional agencies to recruit the initial ten candidates through webrecruit, we’d be £50,000 down. These savings meant we could re-invest the money back into more attractive salaries and other areas of the business. Overall, it’s been a learning curve, but one that’s shown us just how effective webrecruit’s reach is and the importance of maintaining candidate relationships to enhance a company’s image’.
So what’s in the pipeline for webrecruit and Digital Window? The webrecruit team are currently working on a number of PHP developer vacancies for the technical team. Digital Window is now also trialling a broader roll-out of webrecruit as part of their recruitment strategy, having now gained confidence that this approach will fare well against their traditional recruitment channels.
If, like Digital Window, you are looking to attract quality candidates but wish to dramatically reduce your cost-per-hire, call webrecruit on 01392 829400 for a free consultation, or visit the website:

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