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Is your dream candidate in hiding?

Written by Kimberley Startup | January 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Candidate cloningThe fact that you are reading this blog suggests that you are looking for the best staff recruitment tips and tricks – and certainly, you would expect recruitment agencies like webrecruit ( to help you in hunting out those more easily missed candidates. So, why are so many employers still depending on the most predictable techniques and looking in the same old places?

Despite the current prevailing economic uncertainty and high employment rates, both in the UK and throughout the world, so many firms both big and small complain about the apparent lack of candidates with the critical skills that they require. In a world in which the gap between the skills and experience that employers need and those that are possessed by prospective employees seems to be widening all of the time, it makes less and less sense to only look in the most familiar social media destinations like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

After all, these are the places where all of the biggest corporations will also be prowling for talent, and that’s bad news for firms that are even just one or two rungs down the staff recruitment “food chain”. Really, then, what you need to do is look in those niche, less discovered parts of the web, ensuring that you are recruiting from a place where your company’s ideal candidates would actually gather. Such sites differ by industry and even location, which allows you to still benefit from the time and cost-effectiveness of recruiting online.

Indeed, not only might your dream candidate not have a million Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections, but it’s also possible that they are not actively looking for a new role at all…but convincing them that you have the right opportunity for them might not take as much work as you think. It’s important to understand the mindset of these “passive” candidates. Contrary to the term “passive”, such candidates are actually often sending out signals all of the time, whether through changing social networking statuses or taking an interest in news relating to your company.

Recruiting staff from this potentially very rich pool depends on spotting and correctly interpreting these signals. There may be about 20% of employees who you can do little to convince of the wisdom of a move, perhaps partly because they might have only been in their present post for a few months. Those who have been employed in the same position for six years or more may be similarly stubborn, with those who have spent around 2-3 years in one role being in more of a sweet spot as far as recruiters are concerned.

Changes in social media activity, company connections and location, as well as any changes in fortune of their existing company can all indicate an employee’s likely receptiveness to approaches. By making the most of these signs, in conjunction with a suitable recruitment agency like webrecruit (, you really can get better results from your candidate sourcing campaign.

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