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How to best enhance your office recruitment job advert

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 21, 2013 | 0 Comments
Staff-Wanted-300x203For many companies there comes a time when the need for an extra pair of hands around the office becomes noticable.
Once you have established the duties and the title of the new role, be it PA, Office Assistant, Administration Assistant, then comes the task of creating your job advert copy.
Here are some top tips from Webrecruit on how to enhance your office recruitment advert.

Set the scene

If your company office is situated near a picturesque river or wonderful woodlands, even if it is located in a high rise building, slap bang in the city centre, consider nearby amenties  and highlight these surroundings within your job advert.

People matter

If your existing team are all a loveable bunch, let potential candidates know this. If you have dress down days, picnics in the park or similar socialising activities, mention them. Doing this should  attract someone who will make a good fit with your existing team.

Avoid the fluff

Excessively dressing up your role in an attempt to make it sound more appealing will only irritate potential candidates and waste your own time; especially when you come to interview stage and see your candidate become unengaged with the role as the dressing down begins.

Highlight the perks

It is said repeatly, but we will repeat it again – Do mention every single perk of the role. Bonuses, pension schemes and training opportunities  really help your office recruitment advertisement grab the attention of keen job seekers looking for that extra something.

What do you do

Be clear in your office recruitment advertising to mention what your company does as this can also help to grab the attention of candidates who share an interest in your products or services.
Looking for help with your office recruitment? Webrecruit has had great success sourcing office staff for a large number of UK businesses.
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