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How to avoid ‘snap’ recruitment decisions

Written by Guest Author | October 16, 2014 | 0 Comments
Snap-pop-artEnough things can go wrong with your staff recruitment in Leeds, without you also making ‘snap’ judgements on hires. Why are these such a bad thing? Simple: they cause the erroneous elimination of great candidates, and can land you with someone who just isn’t a fit for your company culture or the specific demands of the role.

Beware those interviewer biases

‘Snap’ judgements tend to arise from various biases in the interviewer. Have you ever hired a candidate who stumbled through the interview, but who made such a great first impression that you couldn’t let them go? Maybe you hired them because they went to the same school as you, or shared an interest outside work?
Indeed, the tendency to allow one strong – or indeed, negative – point in an interview to utterly overshadow your opinion of a candidate is known as the halo/horn effect. But you may also place too much emphasis on a candidate’s nonverbal cues that have nothing to do with their suitability for the job.

Ways of cutting out the ‘snap’ judgements

The answer to eliminating those ‘snap’ judgements is ultimately to formalise your whole process of staff recruitment in Leeds.
What do we mean? Well, by making the interview process clearly defined, for example, asking all applicants the same set of standard questions, it’ll be easier to judge them objectively and fairly. Nor should there be just one interviewer – when more than one person is involved, you can hold joint meetings and compare notes to form a more balanced view of your candidate pool.
You may also want to consider introducing behavioural assessments to your recruitment process to better evaluate how your candidates would fit into your vacancy and company culture. You can ask every applicant to complete the same one of these are scientifically validated questionnaires to provide you with more objective information to complement the interview process.

Finally, consider your choice of software

Are you using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) yet? When you use such software like Webrecruit’s own WR-Fusion package, you can better manage all of your applicants and their associated information in CVs, spreadsheets and text documents.
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