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How to Ensure your Recruits Share your Company Values

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 16, 2014 | 0 Comments
7K0A0597It doesn’t matter whether you’re involved in IT, retail, marketing, engineering or HR recruitment – you’ll want your hires to actually believe in what you do. A candidate having the perfect technical skills and background in your sector is great, but will they even fit in at your firm?
An employee who does is worth their weight in gold. They’ll just do so much more to fire your firm’s success in both the short and long term, not least because they’ll actually care. Put the work in to ensure your company’s values and those of your recruits are one and the same, and you’ll see great benefits in compatibility, productivity and length of service.

Look to your present workplace 

Your company has values already. They’re embedded in your present staff – the way they work, and the way they think. So, observe your present employees at work. What’s different about their work patterns compared to how things are at your closest rivals?
How do your employees respond to certain lighting, space or decor? What working arrangements do they prefer? Are there certain aspects of their present working arrangements that they like or dislike? How does your company’s working environment and outlook compare to others in your sector?
Consider, too, your firm’s employee value proposition. What does your organisation really offer to external candidates that gets them interested?

Make sure your hires really do fit

Understanding the nature and make-up of your organisation isn’t just about giving you a greater insight into the right or wrong hires. It’s also about enhancing the present environment at your company so that you can attract more of the right kind of people.
But above all, make sure your recruits really are the right fit. The best way is probably to ask various questions on behaviour and motivation at interview. You might quiz the candidate on what their idea of a dream job is, as well as why they consider themselves the most suitable candidate for the job.
Questions like these are designed to assess a candidate’s individual characteristics so that you can better imagine how they will fit in at your company – if they do so at all. These may seem basic steps, but they’re all-important across the full gamut of retail, sales, marketing, IT, engineering and HR recruitment.

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