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How to make your press recruitment advertising effective online in 3 Simple Steps

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 23, 2014 | 0 Comments
CopywriterYou may think that writing recruitment advertising for the press and doing so for an online audience differs very little. In a way, you’d be right.
However, traditional press advertisements don’t depend on the right structure and keywords quite like online advertisements do. After all, candidates tend to use keywords to search online for jobs, typically using terms that are related to a specific job title or the skills that they possess.
Search results from a job board search engine are typically listed in order of relevance, determined by the date the advertisement was posted on the site, the search terms or ‘keywords’ included in the job title and how often the search terms are used in the advert text. So where should you start? Here’s Webrecruit’s 3 simple steps to transform your press recruitment advert into a powerful online tool guaranteed to drive the right candidates:

Step 1: Consider Search terms

When you are writing online recruitment advertising, you will need to consider the search terms that your desired candidates would actually use, rather than the language that your company may use internally. The same principle applies to the stated job title.
The post holder may be the Analyst Leader-New Business within your company, but the term ‘Business Analyst’ is much more likely to feature at the top of search results. Bear in mind that the keywords in job titles can be ‘weighted’, meaning that they have greater ‘worth’ than the same term used in the main body of your advert.

Step 2: Incorporate Keywords in a Natural Way

You can write recruitment advertising text in a way that naturally incorporates keywords, and this should be done as often as possible. Instead of “you will be working…”, for example, you may state “As an SEO copywriter, you will be working…” Like press advertisements, online advertisements generally need to be succinct, but for different reasons. Whereas a press advert can naturally only take up so much space on a page, forcing a word/character limit, there is no such word limit online, although reader’s attention spans are shorter on the Internet, making a concise advertisement desirable.

Step 3: Entice them to Apply

However, while the right keywords may attract appropriate candidates to your recruitment advertising, they still need to be moved to apply. That’s why you should also write precise information that leaves the candidate in no doubt about what the job entails. It’s also why you should make clear the required skills and experience for the role, to minimise the number of irrelevant applications, while a specific salary band will also attract more applications than an ambiguous phrase like ‘competitive’.
Finally, you should also use your recruitment advertising to illustrate what kind of company you are, highlighting achievements and recent developments as well as location. Combine all of these elements, and you can write much more effective recruitment adverts.

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