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How to write a job description for a Sales Manager

Written by Holly Watson | September 2, 2014 | 1 Comment
job advert magnifyEven if you’re used to working with a fantastic recruitment agency, filling an important position within your business can be tricky. When it comes to recruiting your next Sales Manager, you need to ensure that the successful candidate will deliver results, as well as slotting into your company seamlessly.
So, how can you be sure that your recruitment consultant is finding the right person for the job?
The first thing to do is to provide your recruitment consultant with an informative job specification for the person that you’re looking for. This should detail the duties that the successful candidate will be fulfilling in their day-to-day role and the skills and experience that they should possess.
Job specifications can be anything from one page to several pages long, depending on how many duties the role involves and the sheer amount of detail you wish to include. If you find that your list of duties is on the lengthy side, try to include a short summary (a paragraph or two) to give your recruitment consultant more of an overview of the job.
Ensuring that your recruitment consultant is armed with the correct information and is aware of your exact requirements enables them to fully answer any questions on your behalf.
Once you’ve provided your recruiter with a job specification, as well as any other essential information about the job, the next step is to create a job advertisement. This can either be created by you or your recruiter (or, as Webrecruit offers, a team of in-house copywriters).
A job advert is different to a job specification – whilst the specification is usually very detailed, adverts are much more of a role overview, highlighting the main aspects of the job and selling it.
If you’re creating the advert yourself, don’t be shy about selling your company. Think about what’s great about it – are you expanding? Do you offer a brilliant commission scheme? Or is your product/service completely fresh, unique and easy to sell? These are all great points which will really make the role appeal to candidates.
Providing your recruitment consultant with this extra information is also valuable as it means they can really emphasise it to candidates over the telephone.
Additionally, it’s worth adjusting your writing style to match the style and culture of your company. If your business is very corporate, using zany or whacky language in your ad probably isn’t going to attract the type of Sales Manager that you want. Likewise, if you use overly formal language and you work for a quirky advertising agency, you might not be attracting those creatives that you crave.
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