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5 Useful Tools for IT Recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 13, 2013 | 2 Comments
IT employerWhen you operate in a complex industry, you need a straight forward IT recruitment solution.
Fortunately, the advent of online recruitment technology perfectly lends itself to the nature of IT recruitment, enabling hiring managers to source and identify candidates with a breadth of skills and experience – all at a few clicks of a button.
But what are the most useful tools for your IT recruitment needs?
Here we explore some of the tools available for today’s hiring manager to help them with their IT recruitment.

1. Online skills tests

Put candidates’ proclaimed IT skills to the test and ask any applicants you’re interested in to sit an online skills test before you invite them to interview.
Particularly for positions with specialist skills, you can create custom tests to help identify which candidates are worth interviewing, and use the scores as a benchmark to assess applicants against.

2. LinkedIn

IT hiring managers often deal with very niche roles, often searching for candidates with narrow skill-sets for specific positions, such as Ruby Developers and Infrastructure Specialists.
LinkedIn’s keyword function has made it possible to identify potential IT candidates’ work experience and skills. In fact, Microsoft has already had great success looking for people with niche skills (and at short notice).

3. Automated online video interviews

The IT job market has become saturated with candidates in search for their next opportunity. But distinguishing one applicant from the other can sometimes prove difficult.
Automated online video interview solutions, such as Sonru, have made it possible to fairly and consistently interview any candidate located anywhere in the world. Other major advantages include substantial savings in terms of both time and money, and an enhanced IT recruitment experience.

4. CV databases

Effective IT recruitment does not just depend on sourcing candidates who are actively looking for work, but also tapping into the passive market. A CV database is an effective way of targeting relevant, passive IT applicants fast.
By combining keywords and phrases which define, narrow or even widen your search, you will get closer to your ideal candidate who may not actively be searching for a job.

5. Online recruiters

Ok, so it’s a little bit biased, but there are a number of reasons why using a fixed fee recruiter, like webrecruit, can help you with your IT recruitment needs.
From social media, CV databases and in-house data to market insights, networking and headhunting, it’s our role to understand your industry lingo, how your particular job works and where to look to identify and attract the most suitable IT candidates.
With competition for IT recruitment at an all time high, attracting talent to your business can be a challenge.
But by taking advantage of the tools and resources available for today’s IT hiring manager, encouraging more star IT talent to apply for your vacancies should become a little simpler.
If you’re looking to learn more about IT recruitment, you might want to read this free tip sheet: 10 Insider’s Tips on How to Hire IT Talent using LinkedIn. It’s packed with expert advice on how to use LinkedIn to benefit your IT hiring strategy.

2 thoughts on “5 Useful Tools for IT Recruitment

  1. Albert Porsche on Reply

    It is really a major thing that has been introduced to deal with the same prospectus and finding out the minute differences in the many. Since IT sector though has lessened its demand in last one year but students are rather keen on these jobs preferably to that of the other official jobs. Since with this demand choosing the different among different is rather a difficult task, so Recruiting Software are being implied to the process and several vendors too provide the same. The first task is to go for an online process and then qualified students will go into the process of interview and then selection would be hold down. The CV process is also the another approach to differentiate between the two.

  2. IT Staffing on Reply

    The most obvious benefit to recruiting candidates socially is that their social media profiles are a better overall representation of their personal brand. The components of a traditional resume only give the recruiter a slice of job seeker’s personal brand. While savvy job seekers have learned to enhance their resumes with video or infographics, recruiters still get a better idea of who they’re pursuing by navigating social media profiles.

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