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7 ways to discover local talent using social media


LinkedIn sees fewer than 2 professionals join it every second. Facebook boasts over 800 million members, and Twitter has been embraced by everyone from celebrity culture to bloggers, businesses and brands. And let’s not get started with Google+.

This global community is a significant resource to tap into, but when it comes to hiring your next staff member, searching through it can take time and effort. And let’s face it, not everyone has the time to spare.

But where social media has proved exceptionally valuable for hiring managers looking to find local talent is in its reach and ability to grow small pockets of communities comprising all types of common interest.

By using the functionality each social network offers you – not to mention a bit of research and social media savvy – you can design an online recruitment campaign that keeps costs down.

Just like you would design your latest campaign around a keyword, recruitment requires an understanding of your audience, their reading habits, and an awareness of where they spend most of their time.

Here we show you 7 ways in which you can harness social media to find great local candidates.


– Search for local candidates by keywords, location, 1st / 2nd and 3rd tier connections
– Join location-specific groups and post discussions sharing your vacancy


– Sign up to location-based services such as Twellow – Twitter’s version of the Yellow Pages
– Use its advanced-search option to see tweets from people in your area
– Play around with keywords – what trends are used in your town/city?


– Optimise your latest posts around keywords used in your SEO strategy
– Send a survey out to subscribers and segment their title / location to gather intelligence

Wild card 
Flickr: It may be image-focused, but it offers location-based groups with people engaged in local interests – maybe a good place to share your creative job advert?

You may wish to use these suggestions as part of your overall attraction campaign, or see how other resources – such as the job boards – can complement the effort you’re putting in. Follow these steps and get to grips with how social media can help to recruit local candidates, and you’re well on your way to building a highly engaged talent pool.

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