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Marketing Your Google+ Business Page

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 29, 2012 | 1 Comment

Market your business using Google PlusFor all those people using Google+, one important thing is still missing – YOUR BUSINESS.

If you want to help make the same kinds of lasting connections with your customers online the way you can in real life, you need to get on Google+.

For those of you who have already set up your Google+ business page, here are a few Q&As I’ve put together to help you find your way around and ensure you get the most rewarding experience from the latest social trend.

How many people should I have circled?

To start making solid and lasting connections on Google+, you need to get people to circle your business page. The best way to do this is to begin by circling between 200 – 300 ‘relevant’ people from your own personal account. You’ll then need to spread the word about your business by inviting them to circle your company page.

Whilst you cannot circle consumers until they have circled your business page, you can circle other business pages – so make sure any you’ve connected with your B2B customers. Remember to keep sharing your business page from your personal account on a regular basis and you’ll soon find yourself with a rather large audience to entertain.

How can I attract customers to my Google+ business page?

To help grow your audience, Google recently launched the Google+ badge; an easy way for your customers to find and follow you on Google+ when visiting your company website. In fact, one study found that the top sites using the badge, on average, had an additional 38% of followers.

When you add the badge to your website – visitors can discover your Google+ page and connect in a variety of ways: they can follow your Google+ page, +1 your site thus recommending you as an actual brand, as well as share your site with their circles, see which friends have +1’d your site already and click through to visit your Google+ page.

How do I engage with my circles?

Once you’ve started connecting with people who share the same interests as your offering, you need to begin actively engaging with them. Look around and find out what people are commenting on, pay particular attention to the topics that get attention.

At webrecruit, we’ve found the best content is that which benefits our users in some way. So if you’re an expert at something – write a post on tips and techniques, people will appreciate your helpfulness.

Remember though, when sharing content with your circles, you want it to be original. Whilst re-sharing posts is a great way to spread something interesting, creating unique content will get you noticed.

Why should I circle my customers?

One of the great things I’ve found about Google+ is your circles.  Circles allow you to group your followers into smaller audiences. You can then share specific messages and content with specific groups. For example, you could create a circle containing the people who are your most loyal customers and offer them a special discount.

Are there any other ways I can engage with my customers?

Sometimes you might want to chat with your customers face-to-face. Hangouts make this easy by letting you have a high-quality video chat with a single click. This is a great way to get product feedback, help solve problems or simply get to know your people better.

Last thoughts…

And finally, if you’re unsure of how to do something – ask. Whilst it might seem everyone else is already an expert, it’s certainly not the case. We’re all learners. In fact, I think that’s why you’re reading this post, to learn something new.

One thought on “Marketing Your Google+ Business Page

  1. Richard Elliott on Reply

    Great article Phil and you’ve just enticed me to look at Google+. As you have made it sound straightforward it will now become a Webrecruit Ireland ( project for March/April.

    Many thanks
    Richard – a Google+ learner…

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