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How to motivate your staff during the Christmas season

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 4, 2013 | 1 Comment
Christmas-Santa-Working-300x199Would you believe it, that time of year is upon us again; the countdown to Christmas has begun.
As fun and joyous as this time of year is for many, from an employer’s perspective Christmas can be a difficult time, with employees relaxing and the focus on work being replaced by festive thoughts.
Taking on the role of the company Grinch is likely to result in your employees becoming anything but your little helpers. So before you tear up the tinsel, bin all the baubles and attempt a full blown crusade against Christmas, consider these alternatives.
Here are Webrecruit’s 5 top tips for keeping your team spirit high during the festive period.

Deck the halls

A little bit of tinsel here and there – is that the best you can do? Why not think creatively and encourage your employees to as well.
Encouraging employees to decorate the workplace is a great team building exercise. Also, creating a fun and festive environment in the run up to Christmas will make for an enjoyable surrounding for your employees.

Spread the joy

Competitions for the best decorated office/locker/desk are a great way to show your fun side. By taking charge of these activities, not only are you showing yourself in a positive light, but you can also manage timelines and steer them to start and finish on days best suited for company workloads.

Be flexible

Allow your team some flexibility with their hours throughout the Christmas season. Being supportive of your team working later or starting earlier will allow them to maintain a positive work life balance over this busy time and will keep spirits high.

Get giving

As employees may find it especially hard to hit targets during the festive period, implementing Christmas gift incentives will help to keep morale up and push staff to remain motivated to hit targets.

Food for thought

Laying out a spread of nibbles in the run up to Christmas is another great way to lift spirits and reward your staff. If you don’t have the budget, why not encourage a workplace based lunch with all employees bringing in some food and sharing it out as a team, or even more creative – why not arrange a festive bake off.
Keeping employees focused can be a real challenge in the run up to Christmas but these simple tips will help improve motivation and keep spirits high through the pressures during the festive season.
To help your staff recruitment in the run up to Christmas, why not implement a fresh alternative and consider Webrecruit’s online recruitment solutions? To find out more about our services request a brochure or call us today on 01392 823137.

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