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Online recruitment myths exposed (part 1)

Written by Kimberley Startup | October 14, 2011 | 2 Comments

Everyone’s got an opinion on online recruitment. Whether you’re an advocate who uses it for every role, or you are new to the concept but are concerned about the response you’ll receive: we’ve decided to run a quick refresher course exposing the myths it has attracted.

With the recruitment landscape changing once again, thanks to the advent of social media, hiring managers need to ensure their campaigns are delivering the return on investment they need.

Here are just a few of the myths facing those hiring managers new to online recruitment:

‘I’ll be inundated with poor CVs’

The nature of web-based recruitment means that the number of applications – typically – will be higher than other recruitment methods. Why? Because online recruitment has made it easy for candidates to apply for a job at the click of a button.

The benefit of this means the recruitment process has sped up. In essence, a potential recruit can be with you in days. The downside, however, means looking through the CVs can prove a burden on resources.

But create an applicant tracking system (or use a company that includes one as part of the service, like webrecruit) – and managing prospective CVs will become easy!

‘I need to get my vacancy on as many job boards as possible’

The scattergun approach is out; the idea of bigger is better has long gone. Years ago, it was assumed that if you used the most amount of resources to feature your role, you stood a better chance getting the right applicants through.

Like mass advertising, this has changed. A one size fits all approach doesn’t always mean quality. Today’s recruitment campaigns need complimentary tools that work in a synergistic way. For example (and depending on your requirements) you may find you need one or two job boards, LinkedIn and online headhunting.

‘The market is stalling’

Despite predictions that the job market is set to stall in 2011, there are now 6.3 million online job seekers in the UK. This represents an increase of more than 50% in one year. This also makes online job seeking the fourth most popular online activity, ranking above banking, chat rooms, share dealing and online betting.

‘Online recruitment has too many legal problems’

Whilst there are lots of scare stories circulating regarding online recruitment, there have actually been very few legal problems. All you need is a clear policy and guidelines which cover areas such as data protection, equal opportunities and discrimination.

‘Online recruitment is just a sales business’

Of course it’s a sales business, but it is also a people business. Online recruiters are able to provide their clients with more choice than a traditional agency. At webrecruit, the amount of online resources we use to find candidates – such as job boards, CV databases and social media – all help clients to find suitable applications whilst reducing their cost-per-hire.

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