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What are Oxford’s strengths as a recruitment location?

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 26, 2013 | 0 Comments
Target-300x225Known across the world as the ‘city of dreaming spires’, the reasons for people wanting to live and work in Oxford are obvious, even before you consider its merits as a place to recruit staff. Webrecruit ( has helped to bring together many Oxford companies and candidates down the years, and there’s no denying the diversity of Oxford’s economy, encompassing publishing, manufacturing and science-based industries, as well as tourism.
One only has to walk through Oxford to feel an atmosphere of teeming academia, which certainly benefits firms in the city undertaking staff recruitment. There is a rich source of highly capable graduates from the city’s universities, not only the instantly internationally recognisable University of Oxford, but also the world’s first Fairtrade university, Oxford Brookes University, which has been ranked as the best modern university in the UK for eight consecutive years.
Naturally, for those seeking academic work, the city’s higher education institutions are a rich source, but other local companies recruiting staff benefit from a stream of highly capable graduates who can immediately begin adding value to their businesses. The University of Oxford’s number one UK rankings in departments including English, business studies, philosophy, music and politics, together with Oxford Brookes University’s internationally renowned publishing centre and top 20 rankings in teacher training, environmental studies, tourism and hospitality, have long made Oxford one of the best UK cities for well-qualified staff.
With one in five of the city’s inhabitants being students, fresh graduates tend to gravitate to and love Oxford even if they weren’t educated in the city. Meanwhile, the city’s gorgeous rural backdrop and cultural and heritage strengths – including the Radcliffe Camera, Ashmolean Museum and Modern Art Oxford – draw yet more well-educated and ambitious jobseekers from far afield. Commuting to Oxford is possible from Witney, 15 miles away, as well as Reading, 30 miles away, and Swindon, a 40 mile distance from the city.
Oxford has been a strong force in the printing and publishing industries since the 1920s, with publishers currently based in the Oxfordshire region including Oxford University Press, Wiley Blackwell and Elsevier Science. The presence nearby of such science and technology based businesses as Oxford Instruments, Sophos and Research Machines also has much to do with the University. Oxford is even a focal point for retail recruitment, thanks to the Clarendon and Westgate shopping centres and other major shopping areas like the High Street and Cornmarket Street.
The presence of BMW Mini and Harley Davidson plants in the city also indicates its continued renown in the manufacturing field, while the number of visitors that the city receives each year has also created plenty of opportunities in the local tourism and hospitality fields. From Oxford City Council and Swinton Group Ltd to Vodafone and RM Education, Oxford has many both public and private sector organisations, further illustrating why so many clients of the Webrecruit ( recruitment advertising agency choose to target the city.

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