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Are you paying enough when it comes to HR recruitment?

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 8, 2013 | 1 Comment
InterviewerWith more talent than jobs available, today’s recruitment landscape presents new challenges for hiring managers.
While you’d think with such a choice of talent to select from for your vacancy, recruitment would be easy. Today the high volume of applicants per position makes searching for that perfect employee a bit like searching for a needle in haystack.
But one thing that is prevalent throughout the employment market is if you want to attract star talent, you need to be paying the start talent price. And that same principle applies when looking to recruit HR staff.
So what’s the going rate for recruiting HR personnel?
At Webrecruit, we studied the salaries of every HR position we’ve worked on in the last 12 months to determine the premium pay for HR professionals dependent on seniority.
We then looked further into the data to determine whether location would also impact how much you should be paying your HR staff.
It goes without saying that the more senior the position, the more you will pay. What was interesting however was the fact that when broken down into regions, HR staff in the Midlands regularly came out on top of the payscale – more so than London.
For example, an HR Director’s average salary in London was £75,000 compared to £87,000 for those living in the East Midlands. Likewise, an HR Assistant in London could expect a salary of c£22,500 compared to £25,000 if they were living in the West Midlands.
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