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Pinterest recruitment

What’s the point in Pinterest for business?

Is your company using Pineterst as part of it's online strategy?Pinterest has certainly caused a stir within the blogosphere of late. Statistics surrounding the image centric platform show unparalleled success in terms of user growth.

In February of this year it was announced that the site had accumulated 10.4 million users, with its popularity outdoing the likes of Google+ and Twitter. But, and there is a big but, you still would be forgiven for not knowing what it is.

This is because much of the hype around Pinterest is predominantly driven by American usage where, as is normally the case, it is a far bigger deal than it is here.

There is no doubt though, that given the current trends, it will become a site that nobody can live without; rather like its much older and worldlier brother, Facebook. For now, however, in the UK we have a lot of very excited tech geeks and a general populous whose idea of pinning is limited to that of a small, sharp object.

As it stands, the astronomical rise in people joining the platform seems to have tapered, dipped even, but this is less of a concern and more of an inevitability. When something erupts onto the social media scene with such ferocity, people are naturally intrigued and sign up purely to see what all the fuss is about.

Now it’s time to see what will really become of Pinterest and whether or not we have a new marketing ‘power tool’ to play with.

For businesses, such as food and design, adapting to Pinterest is a natural progression. With lots of tantalising visual content, it’s easy to fill boards full of image deliciousness. And it’s certainly worth doing; because while it’s still relatively new and the true potential of it yet to be seen, it’s showing all of the signs of hitting the big time.

One of the major bonuses attributed to Pinterest, is its ability to drive high levels of referral traffic back to a company’s website. Added to this, the retention rate of visitors using the site is reported to be more than that of Twitter at around the same time in its history.

A new social recruitment tool

As an online recruiter, webrecruit, doesn’t have visual content of the product they sell. However, this hasn’t stopped us from setting up an account and making full use of the platform. What we have done is to focus on the visual content that is relevant and adapted to a new way of marketing our brand.

For example, infographics depicting topics which are linked to the industry, not only look fantastic, but provide helpful advice for people. Similarly, visual CVs are a great way of utilising visual content which falls in line with the overriding corporate message.

Another way that webrecruit has made effective use of the platform is to create a jobs board for all of their branded live vacancies. This means that people can apply for jobs through Pinterest, which makes the platform ideally suited for the purposes of recruitment.

The key to a business’s success is being early adapters to change. And, the change right now is social media; so with Pinterest fast becoming a serious contender in the social arena, is it time your company got pinning?

Click here to check out how webrecruit does Pinterest.

If you have any questions about how you can effectively leverage your brand on Pinterest please leave a comment below. By putting the word out there you are more likely to generate ideas that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

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