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Simple Steps to Setting up your LinkedIn Company Profile

Written by Kimberley Startup | September 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

LinkedIn, Social Media Recruitment, Human Resources, LinkedIn Company Profile, Social Recruitment, Online Recruitment, Businesses, LinkedIn Business Profile, LinkedIn Company Page, Social MediaWith LinkedIn recently reaching 10million UK members alone, the professional social networking site has become one of the most highly used platforms when it comes to business, and increasingly, recruitment.

LinkedIn’s wealth of functionality has led to become an invaluable way to attract top talent, especially if you leverage all of the options available to you.

A company profile is a centralised location where your followers can keep updated on your company news, products and services, and job opportunities.

In order to leverage the benefits of LinkedIn to attract great hires, follow these simple steps to setting up your company profile:

How do I set up a company profile? 

It’s simple. Go to the ‘Add a Company’ page, input your company name and email address, confirm your request through an automated email and start filling in your company information.

In addition to showing off basic information, aim to catch the eye of prospective talent – tell your story, describe your culture, showcase awards and outline career paths.

Tip: Use LinkedIn’s wizard when creating your company profile to add a logo, videos and a feed for your company blog.


LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to interact with millions of passive and active job seekers worldwide.

Share job advertisements via your careers page (a paid listing) and leverage LinkedIn’s transparency by asking employees to share job openings within their networks. This way, people who are not necessarily looking for work, but are in demand, are picked up.

Tip: Tailor your messaging and job postings to target audiences by using the ‘Share with’ tab within the status update box.

Company Status Updates

Company status updates are a simple, yet hugely effective way to engage with your followers.

You can share anything from company news and job openings to product releases, promotions and relevant industry articles. Your statuses will be seen on the ‘Overview’ tab and within each of your follower’s homepage. So ensure you share both fun and informative posts to keep them interested.

Tip: Encourage your followers to share, like and comment on your posts. If they do, your posts will be shared within each of your follower’s network, giving your brand even more exposure.

Follow Button

In order to grow your followers on LinkedIn, add the ‘Follow’ button to your website, and make it easier for potential candidates to follow you.

Then, when a user clicks the ‘Follow’ function on your website, they will automatically ‘follow’ your company.

Tip: Why not share your ‘Follow’ function on your careers page as well as your homepage to encourage potential hires to engage with you on LinkedIn?

As you can imagine, all of this data about your company gives potential hires (and anyone else interested in your company), plenty of information to help determine if your business is good for them.

What’s in it for you? Well, once your company profile is all set up, you will have plenty of room to add lots of efficiency to your hiring process.

If you want to find out more about LinkedIn, why not download our FREE guide created for HR professionals. You can learn the tricks of the trade, including how you can identify quality hires sooner, develop your employer brand and strengthen your recruitment messages.

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