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Shall I Use a National or Local Agency to Recruit Staff?

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 13, 2014 | 0 Comments
Recruit staffWhen it comes to your staff recruitment, how do you go about choosing which agency to use?
For many businesses location is a key deciding factor, but what part does the location of your recruitment agency really play when you recruit staff? 
It is commonly believed, especially amongst SME business owners, that a locally based recruitment agency is a wise choice, for a variety of factors.
Yet, despite the increase in permanent jobs being created there is now a skill shortage in a number of sectors, with engineering, medicine, finance and construction being hit the hardest according to April’s Report on Jobs.
The reason? “The number of people putting themselves on the jobs market has dropped at its sharpest rate since 2004,” said Bernard Brown, partner and head of business services at KPMG, which sponsored the study.
As a result, many hiring managers are casting their net wider when advertising for a new member of staff and considering national rather than local recruitment experts to help source talent for their roles.
So, should you use a national or local agency to recruit your staff? Webrecruit discusses the three key factors around this question:


Advertising for candidates on a national scale will allow you to receive applications from those jobseekers who are looking to relocate to your area. This is a plus – especially if you are struggling to hire for a specialist skill set.
In addition, many national recruiters, such as Webrecruit, have partnerships with suppliers who offer local online coverage, and will be able to offer you advertising on your local job board too.


National recruitment agencies naturally work on a larger variety of roles across a broader range of locations compared with local agencies; this means they hold an every growing, expansive database of skilled candidates.
By utilising national agencies over a local option to recruit staff for your business they are able to dig into these generously sized talent pools and open your role up to a greater number of candidates.

Local knowledge

Undoubtedly the biggest argument for turning to a local recruitment agency is their local knowledge.
But, with most national recruitment agencies now employing dedicated in-house copywriting teams, you can be assured they hold excellent local knowledge for your business and will have tried and tested methods for ensuring the correct local SEO copy is present in your recruitment advertising.


Both national and local agencies will possess a variety of knowledge of the recruitment industry. To be confident that they know what it takes to recruit staff for businesses across all localities, ask them for their experience in your area, but also what resources they have available to them to ensure you receive the candidates you need.
Webrecruit recently covered some of the most important questions you need to ask your recruitment agency, in a recent blog post, you can read it here.
Interested in discovering further information on how Webrecruit delivers the widest reach for your recruitment? Request a brochure here.

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