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Should you be recruiting staff this January?

Written by Guest Author | December 22, 2014 | 0 Comments
2015As you scoff the mince pie and wrap and open the presents on your Christmas break, you may ask yourself whether January is the best time to kick start your next managed recruitment drive.
In truth, there probably isn’t a definitively ‘right’ time to recruit, but there are certainly many possible ‘wrong’ times – such as during financially unstable phases of your company’s growth.
Of rather more importance in most cases than the timing of your new hires is the new hires themselves. As the foundation of your company and the people who will drive it forward, the right staff really are crucial – at whatever time of year.

Employee longevity is a vital factor

Given the cost of hiring people at all, it makes sense to ensure that those people are likely to stick around.
Some organisations are characterised by low employee turnover, with staff remaining on the payroll for the best part of a decade. Other firms always seem to pop up in the news, announcing mass layoffs.
That’s no accident. The most successful firms frequently recognise the importance of keeping their staff around for the long haul to ensure the best team work, customer service and company progression.
How you do that – such as by instituting a management training program, making staff shareholders in your company or offering other advantageous perks – is up to you. But it really does make a big difference to invest time, money and faith in your employees.

So… is January the time to hire staff?

Any month of 2015 could be the time to recruit new staff, as long as you selectively choose them for the right role.
One definite advantage of hiring in the New Year period is that it allows your new employees to get gradually up to speed as your existing workers are doing the same after the Christmas break.
Unemployment has also been on the slide in the UK in recent times, which is good for the economy but can pose difficulty to your managed recruitment campaign in that many of the best staff may be quickly snapped up.
This should not, however, tempt you to rush your hiring. You will still need to be selective when searching for staff, with the usual ground rules on skills, experience and ‘cultural fit’ applicable.
Oh, and never neglect your existing staff in doing all of this. Remember that in making their New Year resolutions, some of your existing employees may fancy a change of scene, so it’s your job to give them good reasons not to look for pastures new.

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