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Tackling your recruitment demands over the Christmas period

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments
Christmas-Stress-219x300With just 35 days and counting until Christmas, how can you manage your recruitment efforts over the festive period to ensure that your recruiting attempts reap results?
Before you begin, we suggest a quick overview of your recruitment objectives and your efforts to date by looking at objectives, such as what roles you need to fill first? Combined with analysing your successes, you can map out a plan of how to prioritise your staff recruitment and focus your efforts to achieve the best results. Even if, for now, your plan is a short outline, it will hugely help you during this busy time.
Here are 5 top tips from Webrecruit to get your recruitment on its way over Christmas.

Assess your team

Why not look to your current team; you may have an employee who is looking for a change for the New Year and could be perfect for the role. You will then need to fill their role but if it’s an easier position to fill, you’ve already made your staff recruitment easier.

Look to your talent pool

Looking back over past applicants in your talent pool is a great place to start; you may have the perfect candidate for your role already in your grasp. If you haven’t got a talent pool already, we suggest making it a must for 2014. Need some guidance? Check out Webrecruit’s FREE guide – How to create your own talent pool Download it here

Advertise effectively

SEO may seem like black magic, but having the right wording within your job copy will ensure it gets found by candidates with ease and drive keen job seekers to your recruitment. Plan your wording wisely, think of the terms job seekers may use and get them in there.

Place it wisely

Consider the role and the type of candidate you’re looking for and ensure you make good use of job boards and other recruitment advertising options. If you’re looking at print advertising, make sure you check deadlines and ensure you won’t be  held up waiting for your ad to hit the shelves.

Don’t panic

However stressful the Christmas period is for your company, don’t let your recruitment demands cause you to panic. If your recruitment pressures are sending you into frenzy, dig out your favourite Christmas tune, warm up a mince pie and take five. Panicking will likely cause rash decisions, which could result in poor results.
As the Christmas period approaches, why not give yourself the gift of some FREE recruitment resources – visit Webrecruit’s employer resources page and browse our free guides, designed to aid you with your recruitment strategies.
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