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Taking the right approach to your recruitment content

Written by Sophie Down | January 8, 2015 | 0 Comments
marketing (2)With the coming of the New Year, also frequently comes the beefing-up of many companies’ HR departments. For a great number of firms, this is the time to hire. Not all of them, though, realise the great effect that the right marketing could have on their success.
Just consider content. It doesn’t matter whether you’re involved in IT, engineering, HR, marketing or customer service recruitment – you’ll need the right content to tell candidates what your company is all about and why you’re such a great employment proposition.

The importance of the right content

Recruitment content used to be little more than some advertisement text in the local newspaper. The publication in question otherwise had little to do with the job advert magnifykind of person that employers needed for the job, and they may not have given much thought to what was written in the text, either.
Things have changed a lot since those ‘spray and pray’ days. It would now be suicidal for any self-respecting company to just throw together an advert and hope for the right people to apply, while even online job boards are no longer the be-all-and-end-all.
The content itself, too, isn’t just the words on your website. Yes, text is one part of it, but then, so are images, videos, infographics and social media posts. There’s a vast range of forms that content can take even with these elements, from thought leadership articles by senior managers to blogs about company culture.

Other circumstances have also changed

Branded job search on tabletCandidates aren’t always even finding and looking at content the same way these days. Statistics suggest that not only have the vast majority of us already used a mobile device to search for jobs, but that most jobseekers would also appreciate receiving career information via their mobile device.
This has implications for the kind of recruitment content that you use. A lot of us don’t have the patience to read full articles when browsing on our smartphones, but we might be much more willing to watch a video case study about a job that interests us.
It all starts with the right strategy. What clear goals do you have for your hiring? What employee value proposition (EVP) do you want to communicate? What candidate ‘personas’ are you looking to attract? Being able to answer these questions will make all of the difference to your recruitment content strategy.

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