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Why employee retention is more important than ever in 2015

Written by Guest Author | February 4, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_202991497As good news as it generally is to see the UK and global economy back on the rise, all of those new jobs being created does present one obvious drawback for employers – the increased opportunities for existing staff to jump ship.
This only makes it all the more important to not only make your workers feel important and valued, but also point them towards growth opportunities within your own four walls.
There’s little point working alongside a recruitment agent in Manchester to get the right employees in, if you can never keep hold of your existing ones.

Some great ways to keep hold of employees

Retaining your employees starts at the very beginning, with the recruitment of them. By making use of all of the appropriate tools and techniques, such as the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and assessing for cultural fit, you can increase the chances of your new hire always being engaged with your organisation.
However, high employee turnover can’t be avoided by sound recruitment alone. That’s why it’s also vital to give workers assurance of a long and successful career with your firm, through your actions as much as through your words.
Is there, for instance, a good managerial training programme at your firm? Not only will this help to bring through great managers among your current staff, but those being managed are less likely to flee escaping bosses who are making their working lives hell.

Help your staff to fulfil your goals

Your employees have hopes and dreams, too – so don’t hesitate to help them on their way. Does your company, for example, run workshops and mentoring programs to keep them motivated towards their personal career goals?
What about giving your workers new experiences through fellowships and job rotations that allow them to expand their cross-organisational knowledge, while also presenting them with career options that they may not have previously considered?
One of the best things that you can do for employee retention is embed a real ‘learning culture’ at your firm – and we aren’t just talking about more formal training. Sure, that will always be necessary, but your workers should also always feel that they are developing and growing, gaining knowledge as well as putting it into practice.
Such changes at your organisation will really help you to get your money’s worth from your recruitment agent in Manchester.

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