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Why reputation is so important to your small business recruitment

Written by Guest Author | September 22, 2014 | 0 Comments
happy staff - BSSmall businesses have often found it difficult to recruit the right people, particularly when they haven’t been around for very long. But do you know what else makes things tough? A bad reputation.
It’s becoming a particular bane to those involved in online recruitment. They’re focussed on finding the most Internet-savvy candidates, but these candidates can in turn easily look at a site like and read negative reviews from current and past employees of their experience with the company.

Online reviews can be a real menace

Are you miserly with pay? Are your team leaders always grumpy? Is the working environment difficult? All of these things can show up in online reviews of your firm. They can massively adversely affect your efforts to recruit the brightest and best candidates.
The people who do apply are likely to be of poorer quality, perhaps desperate for a job rather than passionate about the opportunity to work for you.
This makes it so much harder to get the right hire – and a bad hire is costly in and of itself. Bad hires will be unproductive and make little contribution to your bottom line.

How to respond to negative online stories

Reviews of your employee experience should therefore be treated no less seriously than those of your products or services.
First and foremost, if you don’t want negative reviews, don’t give your staff a negative experience. Do everything possible to be a great company to work for. Treat your employees well, and your online reviews will improve – which will boost your reputation ahead of your next online recruitment campaign.
But of course, another vital part of your response will be getting negative content removed, wherever possible. You might not get a reply from a site like, but there are respected Internet reputation management firms that might convince them to remove the content.

What if negative content can’t be removed?

In that case, there’s only one thing that you can ultimately do – create positive content yourself to counteract the bad stuff. This can take a huge amount of effort and time, so get the help of an SEO copywriting or reputation management firm if you can.
This way, when someone next searches for your company online, they’ll hopefully be greeted by the right content – not those terrible reviews. You certainly owe it to your company to do something about that bad content that can have such a catastrophic effect on your online recruitment efforts.

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