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Why social recruitment is no fad

Written by Guest Author | December 12, 2014 | 0 Comments
Social networking [Converted]Sure, there may have been a time when you could take out an advert in the newspaper for your company’s latest vacancy, and get loads of top quality applications from the highest quality candidates.
But that’s not necessarily the case now. Today, whether it’s retail, IT, HR or marketing recruitment that you are involved in, so much recruitment is social recruitment.
The problem is, there are still too many companies that treat social recruitment as a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ fad. Bad news if you’re one of them: it isn’t going anywhere soon.

The trend is firmly social

Last year, Acas published an intriguing study – conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies – on the increasingly great role played by social media in how candidates search for jobs and employers find the right talent.
The rise of social media in 2009 was such that the traditional job board site saw a 31 per cent decline in its revenue that year. By 2010, social media networks were being used by more than half of UK jobseekers in their hunt for vacancies.
It shouldn’t shock anyone that Millennials, in particular Generation Y, are drawing on social media tools more and more to build their career presence on the web.

How you can get in on the act

Another 2011 study carried out by Potentialpark of more than 30,000 graduates, students and early career professionals across the world revealed that almost all of the survey participants in Europe were interested in online interaction with employers.
LinkedIn was the most preferred (48 per cent), followed by Facebook (25 per cent). So it’s obvious where you need to go, right?
True enough, but you’ll need to take the right approach with each network. Certainly, Facebook is a great platform for showing off what your organisation is really like – its company culture. Pictures and videos of staff achievements, charity fundraisers, random stuff going on in the office… it’s all (or mostly) fair game.
LinkedIn, however, is a more professional beast. It’s the place where you can assess the training and employment backgrounds of your prospective candidates, while they can do much the same with your company, so you should be sure to keep your profile there complete, relevant and up-to-date.
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