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Why you can’t afford to dither over recruitment decisions

Written by Guest Author | July 13, 2015 | 0 Comments
Candidate SearchingRecruitment agencies like ours have been saying it repeatedly lately, but the message hasn’t necessarily been getting through to everyone: it really is an employee’s market right now. Hiring by no means slows down during the summer, so you shouldn’t hesitate to extend a job offer when you have a great candidate on your hands.
The reality is that your recruitment process management needs to emphasise speed and efficiency if you are to snap up the best candidates.
Of course, there are the other fundamentals. A good contender for your vacancy will almost certainly not sign on the dotted line if you don’t offer them a salary package at least on a par with what they are looking for.
But in this particular article, we’re focusing on the importance of having the right recruitment process – one in which you follow through with your candidates and don’t leave them waiting. If you do dither, you can expect them to soon investigate other opportunities.

Move fast to land the right candidate

The recruitment market is much like the property market – good candidates are hard to find, and disappear quickly. If you do come across the right candidate but insist on considering another 15 first, by the time you get back to them, they will be getting their feet comfortable under someone else’s desk.
This is where the right recruitment agency can be an invaluable partner, streamlining your recruitment process management so that you can more quickly and efficiently unearth talent to whom you can present an attractive offer.
Even if a suitable candidate tells you at the beginning of the process that yours is the only company they are considering, by the time all of the interviews are done, chances are that other opportunities will have come to their attention.
Just remember what really gets a candidate excited and ready to commit to your vacancy. Sure, the right company culture will probably play a part, and many will also want to work hours that fit in with their current or desired lifestyle.
But the salary package also plays a massive part – they will want to be paid at least at market value, and preferably higher, unless you can offer them other massive perks that might tempt them to compromise.

An employee’s market requires a different approach

As a hiring manager, it is important to realise that in a recovering economy that currently favours candidates, you aren’t necessarily in control – the candidate is. This requires the right recruitment process management, which may be different to what you have relied on to date.
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