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Employer Resources

Our resources are developed to aid you with your recruitment and give you an insight into new areas to explore or alternative techniques to consider when developing your in-house recruitment.

Whether you are just getting started, searching for advanced tips, or simply looking to brush up on your skills, take advantage of our free guides today.


Every Important Question You Need to Ask in a Recruitment Software Demo

Are you considering investing in an applicant tracking system?

If so, having the right questions prepared for your demos is important. We’ve compiled a list of the key queries you need to be asking your suppliers, as well as a handy supplier comparison checklist.

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A Quick Guide to Aggregators

Are you confused by aggregators? Want to know the benefits they can bring to your recruitment advertising strategy?

If so, you need our easy-to-digest mini guide that tells you everything you need to know about the wonderful world of recruitment aggregators.

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The Great Job Advert Battle

Two adverts. One written by Webrecruit. One written by the employer. Who will win?

Download The Great Job Advert Battle to find out how our recruitment advertising generated 50% more applications than an employer’s own advert.

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The 2016 Guide to Online Recruitment Advertising

Is your online recruitment advertising getting the response you need?

Discover everything you need to know to run a successful online recruitment advertising campaign in The 2016 Guide to Online Recruitment Advertising.

This step-by-step guide is an easy to digest tool that outlines a simple way of approaching your recruitment advertising.

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The Pocket Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

Are you still managing your recruitment using spreadsheets and email?

The Pocket Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems gives you an overview of this piece of recruitment software, in a easy to digest format.

In this simple guide, you’ll learn how you can reduce the pressure on your team and brand your recruitment experience.

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How to Build a Business Case for Recruitment Software

Are you looking to secure buy-in for recruitment software from your organisation?

If you’re struggling to get your stakeholders to invest in an applicant tracking system – Webrecruit’s latest guide is for you.

From the main benefits of an applicant tracking system, to what market research should be carried out, this free download is the essential framework you need to aid you in building a robust business case.

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The In-House Direct Sourcing Guide

Are you an In-House Recruiter or HR Professional keen to reduce your agency reliance and build out the framework of your own direct sourcing recruitment strategy?

Focusing on recruitment advertising and software, this 34 page guide looks at the methodology for direct sourcing recruitment, delivers insights into job boards and provides an overview of how recruitment software can align your direct sourcing strategy.

The In-House Direct Sourcing Guide is a comprehensive how-to guide that shares Webrecruit’s knowledge and top tips for businesses striving to bring recruitment in-house.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Careers Sites

Fed up of using dated technology to attract candidates to your vacancies?  Are you struggling to justify the ROI of your recruitment advertising spend?

An increasing number of businesses are starting to look at how they can use technology as part of their recruitment process to make their direct hiring strategy slicker and more effective.

This quick guide looks at how businesses interested in powering their direct souring can capitalise on their employer brand and become a talent magnet.

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The Recruitment Technology Buyer’s Checklist

If you’re currently in the process of shopping around for recruitment technology for your HR team and are keen to understand how an applicant tracking system or careers site will add value to your process our guide is for you.

Download your copy and discover over 35 key questions to ask your potential recruitment technology supplier.

Our comprehensive checklist  will ensure you are confident when you make your purchase and are provided with a solution that’s right for you.

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7 Must Haves for Mobile Optimised Recruitment Technology

How many good candidates are you losing out on by not having a mobile optimised recruitment process? If you’re considering buying recruitment technology, our guide is for you.

Download your copy to find out:

  • What to look out for in the candidate experience
  • Key questions to ask your potential recruitment software supplier
  • Functionality questions that could affect the way your team will use the technology.

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Employer Blog

Employer blog

Our Employer Blog is packed with tips, guidance and news for HR professionals, in-house resourcing teams and line managers looking to power their recruitment.

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