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4 Ways to Find a Job You Love

Do you feel uninspired, bored and unmotivated in your current role? Do you find yourself repeatedly waking up on a Monday morning filled with dread at the prospect of returning to work after the weekend? If so, you’re not alone. Job satisfaction slumped to a two and a half year low in Spring 2016, according ...more

How to Tackle Those Additional Interview Tasks

A straightforward question and answer interview is becoming a rarity; it’s much more common for interviews to now include extra assessment tasks, such as skills tests, presentations, practice sales pitches…you name it. These tasks aren’t just there to cause you extra work; they can be extremely valuable to hiring companies. They add an extra dimension ...more

9 Things You Need to Do Before Your Next Interview

A job interview is an exciting but nerve-wracking experience that can leave even the most confident of candidates feeling uneasy. When you’re meeting with a potential new employer, it’s completely natural to feel nervous; after all, you want to sell yourself and your skills appropriately. However, the key to success with any interview is being ...more

6 Tips for Choosing a Career Path

If you are at the early stages of your career, or just want a career change altogether, you might need a few methods to help you decide what to do next. There are a variety of ways for finding out what you are interested in and what you might like to do. The following pieces ...more

6 Tips for Effective Networking

When it comes to networking, it’s important to get it right. You can meet huge amounts of people and take their information, but it doesn’t always result in you getting something, unless it’s done the right way. Walking into a room full of strangers doesn’t always make networking easy. So, Webrecruit looks at top tips ...more