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5 Ways to be a Better Boss – Lessons from David Brent

Written by Sophie Down | October 15, 2014 | 1 Comment
25450_david_brent___the_officeSo you want to make a difference in a managerial role, but also want to avoid ending up like David Brent and being disliked by everyone in the office. If you find yourself missing out on some of the following tips, you might be affecting the results being achieved in your workplace.

1. Listen to Your Colleagues

Not listening to your staff can leave them feeling apprehensive to contribute to meetings. This doesn’t mean you have to act on everything they say, but it is important to let them know that their ideas are being taken in to consideration. Referring to the same people each time for ideas and overlooking others can mean you might miss something worthwhile.

2. Appreciate Everyone’s Efforts

Each of your employees are working hard and getting their jobs done, there will be many however that want to feel like they are being appreciated for what they are doing. Remember that even the smallest bit of praise and credit in the workplace can go a long way. Also, recognise what they do and how they help, showing not just what they do for the business, but how others need them too.

3. Don’t Ignore People

You may not talk to everyone in the business during the week, but make time for those who you do not speak to. Ignoring the mood of your employees can have long term negative effects on the work of the team, and any issues with morale should be identified and addressed as soon as possible.

4. Support the Team

Be supportive and get involved where and when you can, to ensure you and the team are on the same page. Through this you can understand and be aware of what your team are doing each day, rather than just delegating and monitoring results. Individuals need to be stimulated by their job, to be enthused enough to go that extra mile.

5. Don’t be a Comedian

You can’t be everyone’s best friend, but don’t try to be, either. Much like David Brent, acting like a try hard comedian and purely assuming that everyone is happy with your management is inappropriate, and makes your colleagues less likely to want to do things for you in the future.
To conclude, it is true that results are the part of the essentials in business. As a manager it’s important to work alongside your colleagues to build relationships and work together in order to efficiently meet those important objectives. You must positively influence the team, manage areas that need improvement and be clear and concise about what needs to be done.

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