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6 Tips for Choosing a Career Path

Written by Sophie Down | July 8, 2015 | 2 Comments
Blank Diary (2)If you are at the early stages of your career, or just want a career change altogether, you might need a few methods to help you decide what to do next.
There are a variety of ways for finding out what you are interested in and what you might like to do. The following pieces of advice from Webrecruit are here for this, to help you make the next step in your career.

1. Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as you can to understand what it is you may want to do. What type of company would I like to work for? What type of tasks would I like to carry out? Create a list, and write down your answers.
The likelihood is that there will be a reoccurring theme in your answers, so look to highlight keywords and interests to understand what stands out to you.

2. Make a List of Occupations

Write down a list of occupations you may want to explore. This can be as long as you like, but as you further assess your skills and interests, look to narrow this down.

3. Try Things

Not sure if you might like something? Try it out; you never know what will come from it. Getting experience in a particular area is a great way of knowing whether you may want to pursue it further.
Getting work experience or volunteering is also another way to meet people, and find out more about your particular industry of interest.

4. Explore Your Skills

Ask yourself, what are you good at? Then, make a list of the skill set you currently have. You can then find out if there are any that you would like to learn, develop or improve on.

5. Take Tests

There are several career tests online that can help you to gauge what type of profession you may be interested in. See below a few:
Career Test
BBC Careers

6. Talk to Others

It’s amazing what you can learn from others. Whether it’s friends, family, colleagues or random individuals, you’ll hear a variety of different aspects and interests.
Use these talks as inspiration and ideas for what you might like to do and remember, the more people you talk to the more ideas you can collate.

7. Look into Qualifications

Learn as much as you can about relevant qualifications, to help you understand exactly what is required for different job levels in the field you’re looking to work in. This can also be a way to understand different subject areas within a specific field.
It’s hard not knowing what you’d like to do, but there are ways around it. The above methods are there to help you find out your interests, and help you on to the next career path.
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