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6 Tips for Moving in to Marketing from a Sales Job

Written by Sophie Down | February 3, 2015 | 2 Comments
sales and marketingAlthough they couldn’t operate without each other, sales and marketing departments work differently – there’s no doubt. But what if you decide you want to move from one to the other? Webrecruit looks at essential tips to ensure you are prepared when looking to make this change in your occupation from sales, to a career as a marketer.

1. Use your Transferrable Skills

Think about what your key characteristics are within your current sales role, you could take a look at one of our previous blogs – 8 characteristics of a great sales employee. Now, turn these into what could make you a great marketer, and bring them to your interview. For example, sales professionals listen to what people want, and sell it to them. Marketers also listen to what people are requiring, and act accordingly to position and market the business correctly.

2. Complete a Qualification

Completing a marketing qualification can be a great way to enhance your CV, and promote yourself. Examples of such qualifications can include those provided by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). These can be completed while you work, which is a convenient way to start your progression towards a career in marketing.

3. Look at Job Advertisements

What area of marketing are you interested in? Have a look at a variety of different job ads, identifying what companies are looking for in terms of experience, qualifications and soft skills. Think about the level of job you are looking to apply for, and ensure you make yourself relevant to the particular role.

4. Revisit your CV

Whatever level you are, your CV will need to be strong. It will also need modifying if your job focus is different, a recruiter won’t want to see a CV that is solely focused on sales if you are applying for a marketing role. Tailor your CV to the marketing industry and the role, in order to present yourself as a strong candidate through your application.

5. Look within your Current Business

Look at where you are currently working; is there anything you can learn from your marketing department? Monitor the way the marketing department helps the sales team, from the initial promotion to closing that lead. You could get involved with marketing’s current efforts in the business, to gain a better understanding of how the process works whilst gaining valuable experience.

6. Take time to Read

Look into marketing blogs and magazines, sign up to newsletters, and read these on a regular basis to increase your knowledge in the marketing subjects you are interested in. Examples of these include Marketing Week, The Marketer, and Marketing Magazine.
If you are looking to make the transition from sales in to marketing, it may be better to do it sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you could find yourself too far in to your sales career to make a change, and may have to accept a lower salary to make the first move in to something different. So get started today, and use the above tips to make your change in to a new career in marketing.
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2 thoughts on “6 Tips for Moving in to Marketing from a Sales Job

  1. Rahil on Reply

    Hi. I am a sales professional and I am looking to shift my career from Sales to either Marketing or Digital Marketing. I have an Experience of 5 Years in Sales. I have done my MBA in Marketing. Kindly let me know how can I shift from Sales to Marketing or Digital Marketing. Also, would i be able to demand a salary hike while shifting my job profile.

  2. Ellie on Reply

    Great article on Marketing and Sales because they are two sides of the same coin it can be very difficult to move from one aspect into another.

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