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8 Characteristics of a Great Sales Employee

Written by Sophie Down | September 24, 2014 | 0 Comments
rsz_talent_finder_-_source_fastIf you are looking for a career in sales, or already are well down your path within the industry, there will be traits and characteristics that you may come across attributing to that of a good sales employee. Interested in sales or business development? Webrecruit looks at some of the best qualities that a great sales person will have.

1. Confidence

Confidence really is key. Second guessing yourself can have negative effects on your job causing hesitation and stopping problems from getting solved effectively. Be assertive without being aggressive, and get to the point without being forceful.

2. Responsibility

Take responsibility for your targets and your duties. Many people are ready to point the blame as soon as something goes wrong, which can only cause upset and unnecessary tension. Be logical and reasonable whilst being responsible for your targets and what you need to do.

3. Articulation

Being eloquent in your job can evoke trust and confidence within others. Consider all types of online, verbal and written communication that are part of your job, and ensure you are articulate, clear and concise.

4. Personable

Act like a human being, and be personable with each and every customer. Once they feel they are being talked to by an honest individual who has taken time to understand their needs, it will be that much easier to make that sale.

5. Listen

Listen, to everyone around you. But most of all listen to your customers, what are they saying? And what are they not saying? Some comments could also be a reflection of your selling tactics, and therefore something to learn from.

6. Relationships

Listening leads to relationship building and you can’t sell to people if you haven’t built up some type of rapport. Relationships and rapport will then lead to trust, and individuals will buy from those that they have trust in. It is important to remember from this, that the end of the sale isn’t the end of the relationship with the customer.

7. Motivation

Motivation and resilience can come hand in hand with sales, by using motivation to push through the sometimes resounding no’s. Without a high level of motivation, you are unlikely to push further than the norm and exceed your targets, or find answers to problems when solutions seem difficult.

8. Awareness

Your actions and your words affect your selling, as well as the outcome of your sales procedures. It is therefore important to be aware constantly of how you act in accordance with the correct sales process, learning what works best and in particular what doesn’t.
All of these soft skills can lead to positive results as a sales employee, and can help you tenfold in your current or next position. If you are looking for your next opportunity, you can view all of our sales vacancies here.

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